Pure Substances and Mixtures


(taken from the “Ontario Curriculum Document”):

By exploring the distinction between pure substances and mechanical mixtures and solutions, students will come to recognize that most matter is either a solution or a mechanical mixture – including most foods and drinks and many medicines, cosmetics, building materials, and cleaning agents. Students will use this information to weigh the social and environmental consequences of the use of various consumer products. The introduction of a scientific model (the particle theory) to describe the particulate nature of matter will provide students with a conceptual basis for learning in this area.


(taken from the “Ontario Curriculum Document”):

  1. Matter can be classified according to its physical characteristics.
  2. The particle theory of matter helps to explain the physical characteristics of matter.
  3. Pure substances and mixtures have an impact on society and the environment.
  4. Understanding the characteristics of matter allows us to make informed choices about how we use it.


GOAL #1: I can differentiate between the three main states of matter

GOAL #2: I can state the postulates of the Particle Theory of Matter

GOAL #3: I can classify matter based on the type of particles it contains.

GOAL #4: I can use a variety of techniques to separate mixtures. 

GOAL #5: I can identify the components of a solution.

GOAL #6: I can determine factors that affect the solubility of a substance.