Code of Conduct


Students must be in class by 8:00 a.m.; any student who arrives to class after this time will be marked as late by their teacher

Students arriving after 8:15 a.m. will report to the office for an admit slip before going to class; if a parent has not called or provided a note to the office approving the late, this will be indicated on the office late slip


Students signing out early during the day must have either a note signed by a parent/guardian, or a phone call made by the parent/guardian providing the reason for the early departure

Students are not to leave class without a note or a call from the main office

When the student is scheduled to leave the school he/she is to report to the main office to sign out, and then leave the building immediately 

Students cannot be absent-approved by a parent in order to avoid going to a class or to study in the Learning Commons. If a student is signed out, he/she is expected to leave school premises.


Students will not have access to the second and third floors during the lunch period unless they are in a classroom supervised by a teacher. 

Students will need a pass to get upstairs to the learning commons or to a teacher’s classroom.


Hats and other non-religious headwear are not to be worn anywhere in the school building

Students are expected to remove their hats, hoods, and other non-religious headwear upon entering the building; these items should not be worn again until leaving the building


Backpacks or not allowed in Holy Trinity classrooms under any circumstances.

If a student arrives to class with a backpack, they will be sent to their locker for storage. 

If a student claims to not have access to his/her locker, they will be asked to bring their backpack to the main office. 


Cell phones are to stay in the student’s locker and ONLY be brought into the classroom if  requested by the teacher and if being used for academic purposes.