Meet Mr. Fischer


  • I grew up in the Ottawa region (Carp!)
  • I have been a teacher in the OCSB for the past 16 years (have taught grade 4 through 12 at some point in my career)
  • I have four amazing kids!
  • I LOVE reading – my favourite genres are realistic fiction and dystopian fiction
  • I LOVE math and science… especially logic puzzles and engineering challenges
  • I love music – listening to new and innovative styles, singing, playing piano, and learning new instruments
  • I enjoy running, ultimate frisbee, squash, and soccer
  • I also attended Holy Trinity when I was in Grade 7 🙂


I think I always knew I wanted to be a teacher; however, I didn’t really choose that path until I was in my second year of university. Originally, I went to school to become an optometrist. It was in my second year at the University of Waterloo that I heard of a program called ESQ (Engineering Science Quest). This program ran science camps for children aged 6-14 throughout the summer and during March break. It sounded like a great opportunity and I was hired to run the Newton camps (grade 5-6). That summer changed my life. I fell in love with learning from and with kids. For the first time, I felt sure of what I wanted to do.

I ended up working for ESQ for four more years, organizing and running the Newton camp for two summers, becoming program coordinator of the junior level camps in my third summer, and finally, planning and implementing a travelling “satellite” camp which visited locations as far as Tobermory up on the Bruce Peninsula. The extra bonus of this final year was that I got to work alongside one of my closest friends who to this day is one of my biggest collaborators and mentors.

After obtaining my Bachelor of Science from Waterloo, I attended Nipissing University. At Nipissing, I studied Education in the junior and intermediate levels with a concentration in intermediate science. I also went on to obtain qualifications in religious education as well as specialists in special education and science education. I have completed my principal qualification courses and plan to move into administration in the future (not the near future though!).

I am married to the most amazing woman who is not only my best friend and a fantastic mother but is also an emergency doctor at the Ottawa hospital. We have four young children, Sam (11), Lucy (9), Justin (7), and Madeleine (6) which keep us super busy and active.

My children have really influenced my teaching. I know some fabulous teachers who do not have children but for me, having children, especially school-aged children, has opened my eyes to the juggling act that parents have to perform to support their family. I am a big believer in family and family time and hope (and pray) that my students are able to spend quality time with their family when they are not in school.

I am not a fan of homework for the sake of having homework. Students work hard all day and deserve time to play with friends and family, relax and read, and foster their skills and hobbies. Students may have some work to review, a blog post to comment on, a video to view, or some unfinished classwork to complete, but for the most part I try my best to minimize work going home. I came across this letter a few days ago and it echos my ideas of what homework should be! Now don’t get me wrong, there will still be work to do but if students work hard during the class time, the amount of work should be very manageable.

Holy Trinity will be my fourth school in the OCSB. I started teaching at St. Joseph High School (mainly science and math) in 2003. At St. Joe’s, I taught every grade from 7 to 12 but spent the majority of my time in grade 7 and 8. I was the curriculum lead for math and science and LOVE to talk science with my students. After 8 years teaching grade 7/8, I moved to elementary and taught grade 6 at Holy Redeemer and then grade 5 at St. Gabriel.

It is now my fourth year at Trinity and I am looking forward to having the same group of kids for multiple subjects. I have a ton of things planned (hopefully we can get to most of them) and am so excited to work in such as dynamic and innovative community like Holy Trinity.

Below are some pictures of my family…

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