Bird Feeder Auction

Auction is OPEN! Time to check out the students’ hard work. Groups had to research, design blueprints, develop and test prototypes, and eventually construct an actual feeder. The auction will be online via

All proceeds will be donated to the centre to assist in their mission to “assess, treat, and rehabilitate injured, ill, or orphaned wild birds for the purpose of releasing them back into their natural habitat”.

The highest bid as of noon this Friday will win the bird feeder.

Please spread the word to friends and family. The more exposure the more we raise. These kids deserve to be recognized. I’m so proud of their work.



Form and Function Unit Test – next Tuesday

Next Tuesday, my science students will be writing their unit test for the Form and Function unit. This test will be similar to the past ones from the ecology unit in length and format. Students are allowed to use two of their notes (if they have them) on the test: the placemat summary on forces and loads and the table listing all of the methods to strengthen and support structures.

Here is a rundown of the test and the concepts (and associated textbook pages) that students should know before writing:


Part A (Knowledge and Understanding)

  • Multiple Choice (7 questions)
  • Matching (13 questions)

Part B (Communication)

  • Paragraph answers (3 questions)
  • Diagram answer (1 question)


1) Types of Structures

  • Terminology: structure, solid, framed, shell
  • Example Question: Provide an example of a solid, a frame and a shell structure.
  • Example Question: Describe two advantages of using a shell structure rather than a solid structure?
  • TEXT: Classifying Structures (Source: Nelson Perspectives 7: 10.3)

 2) Forces acting on and within Structures

  • Terminology: force, magnitude, direction, point of application, tension, compression, torsion, shear, net force/movement
  • Example Question: Direction is one component of a force. List and explain the other two ways of describing a force.
  • Example Question: Billy is on a chain link swing. He is twisting the swing back and forth. Name and describe THREE internal forces (stresses) that are acting on the swing in this scenario?
  • TEXT: Forces and Loads (Source: Nelson Perspectives 7: 10.2)
  • TEXT: External and Internal Forces (Source: Nelson Perspectives 7: 10.4)
  • WEBLINK: Forces Lab (Source:

3) Types of Loads

  • Terminology: load, static load, live load, dead load, dynamic load
  • Example Question: Name two examples of dead static loads, two examples of live static loads, and one example of a dynamic load present in this scenario.
  • WEBLINK: Loads Lab (Source:

 4) Stability, Balance and Centre of Gravity

  • Terminology: stability, balance, centre of gravity/mass
  • Example Question: Explain why you would want to keep your stance as wide as possible and try to crouch as low as possible in a tug of war.
  • Example Question: In each of the following shapes, draw an “x” to show the centre of gravity. Explain your reasoning.

 5) Methods of Strengthen and Supporting Structures

  • Terminology: beam, I-beam, corrugation, rebar, cantilever, tie, strut, gusset, arch, dome, truss
  • Example Question: How can you strengthen a beam without adding any support structures? Explain HOW your method strengthens the beam.
  • Example Question: What is the difference between a tie and a strut? In you answer, include a description of the internal forces acting within each structure.
  • TEXT: Making Structures Stronger: The Beam (Source: Nelson Perspectives 7: 11.2)
  • TEXT: Making Structures Stronger: Trusses, Arches, and Domes (Source: Nelson Perspectives 7: 11.4)
  • WEBLINK: Shapes Lab (Source:

In class on Friday (for 7-09) and on Monday (for 7-10), we will be completing a review game which involves questions pertaining to the above topics.

My classroom will be open Monday at lunch for anyone who requires clarification on any of the above topics.

Thanks and happy studying! You got this!


Homework for the Weekend

As we are trying to finish up things before the break, some students will need to play catch up this weekend.

In math, we have been working on Geometry concepts (lines and angles) over the past week and have recently been working on constructions using a ruler and compass. The SWYK on this material will be next Wednesday.

By Monday’s class, students should have completed the following:

  • Intersecting Lines Worksheet (assigned last Tuesday)
  • Checked their answers for the Intersecting Lines worksheet with the online answer key
  • Practiced completing the following constructions (video tutorials can be found HERE and students can print out the package HERE):
    • Perpendicular bisectors
    • Perpendicular lines through a point on the line
    • Perpendicular lines through a point off the line
    • Angle bisectors
  • MathSpace Tasks (optional)
    • Angles at a Point
    • Complementary and Supplementary Angles

For science, students were working on a reflection on the Tower of Terror activity. Many students already handed this in but since they worked so well during class time, I am extending the deadline until Monday (for 7-10) and Tuesday (for 7-09). Students can download a new copy HERE or use this electronic version (if using electronic, they will need to make a copy and share it with me).

First Day Info!

Whew – lots of new faces at Monday’s Orientation Day!!! You could almost taste the excitement (with a sprinkling of nervousness) in anticipation of the first day.

This is my third year at Holy Trinity and I am so excited to be part of this vibrant community. If you would like to learn more about me and my teaching philosophy, click HERE.

Although the school will be supplying all essential materials for students, we are encouraging them to bring in the following:

  • Combination lock
  • Pencil case (with pencils, sharpener, pens, a few dry erase markers)
  • Calculator (we do not allow students to use the calculator on their device)

As an aid to students and parents, this class blog has been created. The blog will chronicle our learning throughout the year. I hope to share pictures, videos, and information to help keep parents in the loop about what is happening in our class. This blog can also be used by parents to help their child with time management and assignment completion as well as providing links to extra practice.

As Holy Trinity is striving to reduce its paper usage, I will not be sending monthly newsletters home but rather will be posting announcements online. Upcoming school and class events will be posted on the calendar and more detailed weekly school announcements can be found by clicking on the “Weekly Announcements” pic on the sidebar.

I will also be sending out weekly “What’s up this week” emails each weekend so that you can get a sense of what is coming up. For those who have twitter, you can follow our class twitter account for more daily pics and posts from our class and the school.


  • September 13 = Meet the Teacher Night
  • September 20 = School Picture Day
  • September 21 = Terry Fox Run and BBQ
  • October 5 = PD Day (no classes)
  • October 8 = Thanksgiving Monday (no school)
  • October 24 = Photo Retake Day
  • November 1 = Progress Reports distributed

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email me. I look forward to meeting all of the students and parents as we begin our year.

Ian Fischer

Welcome and Parent Questionnaire

I have four of my own children, this year entering Grades 5, 4, 2 and senior kindergarten, each with their own unique set of strengths and challenges. The first day of school (drop off, finding classes/teachers, seeing old friends) is just too hectic of a time to convey these observations and I have often wished that I had a way to let my children’s teachers know about them before school started.

Two years ago, I started sending out a parent survey about a week or so before the start of school. I want to get parental input on questions like: “What is the most important thing I should know about your child?” and “How has the overall ‘school’ experience been for your child?” as well as knowing what commitments my students might have outside of the classroom. I have found the feedback gained from these questionnaires invaluable in helping to provide a welcoming environment and to help transition my students to Grade 7. 

I will be sending an email out to all parents who have included an email in their registration AND have filled out the anti-spam paperwork but for those who have not received the email and would like to provide input, please feel free to access the survey below:


I look forward to working with all families as we launch the 2018-2019 school year. I am so excited to be back at Holy Trinity and am looking forward to September 4!