Math Workspace (3D Measurement)

Hi everyone,

I hope that everyone is healthy and finding things to keep them thinking and being creative during this time of home isolation. As mentioned before the break, I will be setting up some units for my students to work on while at home.

For math, we will be continuing in our measurement unit. The focus will be on volume and surface area. I have created a student workspace that will guide students through the various modules. As students complete each module and indicate they are ready to move on, I will open the next topic.

I understand that students may not necessarily be following a fixed schedule and therefore I am hoping that this format will allow students to complete the work at their own pace with little to no direction from their parents.

Students should have the goal of completing the entire workspace within the next two weeks. For a general timeline for completion, consider the following:

  • Module #1: Prisms and Non-Prisms (Red) = 2 days
  • Module #2: Volume of Prisms (Yellow) = 3 days
  • Module #3: Nets and 3D Shapes (Green) = 2 days
  • Module #4: Surface Area of 3D Shapes (Blue) = 3 days

Here is a video which will explain the workspace and how I am hoping students can use it to directed their learning while at home.

The plan is to continue to release self-directed workspaces such as this one for the remainder of the time we are away from classes. Following the 3D Measurement unit, we have 3 remaining topics to cover in grade 7. I am hoping that by working through these online learning modules, students will have exposure and practice in all of the skills for grade 7 and therefore will not have too many gaps in their learning as they progress to grade 8.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Stay safe, stay home (if possible), and #FlattenThe Curve.

Stock Market Project – due this Friday

I just wanted to send out a quick reminder that the Stock Market Project is DUE this Friday. Over the past two weeks, students have setup a stock portfolio, have tracked their stocks and organized the data in tables, developed graphs of their rounded profit/loss for each company and calculated their total profit/loss. Although they still have several days to complete the project, we have created a few helpful tutorial videos that I am hoping that students will use to ensure their project is top notch!

Video #1: Tracking the Stock Prices and the Daily Calculations

Video #2: Creating Graphs using Google Sheets

Video #3: Completing the Calculations and Completing the Summary Chart

In addition to the videos above, students have access to other helpful resources in the Student Workspace including a document entitled “Look Fors” which is essentially a checklist that students should go through BEFORE submitting their final project.

Students are also encouraged to check out the assessment rubric which the teachers will be using to assess the final project.

In the next few days, we will take a bit of time to discuss the analysis questions but for the most part the rest of the project needs to be completed at home.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.