Math (Thursday and Friday)

Some students missed Thursday’s math class and several will be missing class Friday due to tournaments and the school play. Since we are still planning on writing a Check In on Monday, students that missed class should check out the following:


Topic = Adding and Subtracting Fractions with Like Denominators


Topic = Multiplying and Dividing Whole Numbers by Fractions

  • Access the assigned Homework Practice Sheet HERE
  • Find the answers to the Homework HERE

My classroom is open to students on Monday at lunch for those looking for some additional clarification before the assessment.


Review Materials for Monday’s SWYK

This coming Monday, students will be writing their final SWYK for the Geometry Strand. The topics will include classifying, constructing and plotting quadrilaterals on a coordinate grid. Students have received three practice sheets to work on in class in order to prepare for the SWYK.

Since several students are going to be away on Friday, I am posting links to the resources as well as some answer keys to help support their learning at home over the weekend.

Resource #1: Classifying Quadrilaterals Worksheet

  • Download a new copy of the worksheet HERE.
  • Find a copy of the answer key HERE.

In class, we discussed the characteristics of each of the types of quadrilaterals (students made these figures on geoboards). We created a flow chart (which is on the wall in our classroom) to help sort the figures. Student should be able to classify a quadrilateral based on a diagram or description AND provide justification for their choice.


Resource #2: Constructing Quadrilaterals Worksheet

  • Download a new copy of the worksheet HERE.
  • Find a copy of the answer key HERE.

Earlier in the week, students completed a digital breakout activity which involve them using a ruler and protractor to construct a series of different triangles. In this resource, students have to use the characteristics to construct four different quadrilaterals. Since this concept is a little tricky, I have also created a video answer key that students are encouraged to watch either before, after or during completion of the task. I include some helpful tips in the video.


Resource #3: Plotting Quadrilaterals Practice

  • Download a new copy of the worksheet HERE.
  • Download the scavenger hunt clues HERE.
  • Download an answer key to the scavenger hunt HERE.

Today in class, students had a choice to complete the worksheets listed above and/or a scavenger hunt. The hunt involved students plotting points and then determine which quadrilateral was formed. Students who missed class today or who didn’t get a chance to complete the hunt should try it at home and compare their responses to the answer key (link is above).

ON the reverse of the scavenger hunt is a challenge question which involved plotting two points to combine the two points already on the grid to create a series of different shapes. This is a “mastery level” question and therefore, I have created an answer key video to help students out.

I realize that we are travelling at a pretty quick speed through these topics, so I am hoping that these resources will be helpful to students as they review the concepts this weekend.


SWYK: Solving Algebraic Equations (tomorrow)

I just wanted to send out another (more detailed) reminder of tomorrow’s math assessment on Solving Algebraic Equations. Topics include solving one- and two-step equations by inspection, guess and check, and inverse operations. There are a few challenge and word problems as well.

To help students prepare for this summative assessment, today in class students received a package of review questions and were given the period to work on them.

For those who would like another copy or lost their copy from today, a new copy of the review can be found HERE.

I am hoping that all students will have a chance to complete (and check their answers) to at a minimum, questions 1, 2, 3, 5 and 8. These questions constitute the “has it” questions. Students looking to go for proficiency or mastery should also try the other questions on the review. Answers to all of the review questions can be found in this document or in the video answer key (below):

Students that are away for this assessment will be writing it at lunch on Monday, December 10.