7/8 Assessment and Technology Policy

Missed Tests

Students who are absent on the day of an assessment are to present themselves at the beginning of lunch (11:45 a.m.) with their lunch and all necessary test materials to the following rooms:

  • Language and Arts – Room 115 on Mondays
  • French and Social Studies – Room 312 on Tuesdays
  • Science, Math and Religion – Room N205 on Thursdays

Failure to complete the assessment on this day may result in an incomplete for the skill and lead to an “incomplete” for that subject on the report card. 

Late Assignments

Assignments need to be submitted on the due date as per their teacher’s instructions.

Marks will be deducted for late assignments, up to and including the full value of the assignment.

It is a student’s responsibility to submit the missed assignment AND the late submission contract within two school days in order to be evaluated. You can find the late submission form at: bit.ly/latecontract


If a student misses a presentation, he/she is expected to present on the day of his/her return to class.

All students are expected to present in front of the class, unless specifically outlined in an IEP document or pre-arranged.

Special Considerations

Teachers will ensure that all IEP accommodations/modifications are implemented.

In the case of a lengthy absence, special considerations may be determined depending on the circumstances of the absence.


Students are permitted to have their cell phones in the classroom at the teacher’s discretion.

Technology is to be used for educational purposes only.

Cell phones (and any other forms of technology) are NOT allowed in the changerooms at any time. Technology will be confiscated and given to a VP.