What’s up this Week (November 25-29)

Last week we finished up topics/units in science, english and math so we are starting with some new content and ideas over the next days.

Here is an overview of some of the upcoming deadlines and events:

  • November 27 = Check In: One-Step Equations (Math)
  • November 29 = 100WC#4 due (English)
  • November 29 = Kindness Challenge Video due (Religion)
  • December 2 = SWYK: Solving Algebraic Equations (Math)


This week, students are learning how to solve one- and two-step algebraic equations. They will be writing a SWYK on this next Monday (December 2). Students can expect to have practice work assigned each day this week (from their orange duotang). I plan to give plenty of time in class for students to complete their work and check their answers.

Those students looking for more practice and reinforcement should check out Goal #3 and #4 in the student workspace.


On Monday, students started to work on their fourth 100 word challenge. They are to post their writing in KidBlog. I am hoping that students can get their posts up by Wednesday so that I can conference with them and help them improve. We will also be starting some grammar activities as I still see several students lacking the use of punctuation, capitalization and correct spelling despite using the computer. Also, we will be starting a unit on news articles on Wednesday.


On Monday, we launched our “kindness project”. Students had to brainstorm simple acts of kindness and develop one of their ideas into a challenge for their class members. Each student will be making a challenge video using FlipGrid, then students will choose 3 challenges to take on over the next 4 weeks.


We are starting our second unit: Form and Function. This unit is an extension of the grade 5 structures and stability unit as we will be focusing on building stable structures while looking at the relationship between the form of the structure and its function. We will be going deeper into concepts such as forces, loads, and stability.

For school-wide announcements, check out the Trinity weekly newsletter HERE.


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