What’s up this Week (November 18-22)

Last Friday, students were working on finishing up a few projects before the weekend. I did give them an extra period to complete the work and several students took advantage of the extra time. As displayed on the class twitter account this included:

  • Mystery Number Algebra Project (Parts 1, 2, and 3) – due Monday
  • Substitution homework (math) – due Monday
  • MathSpace Tasks – due Monday
  • Final Reflection for the Bridge Home (on kidblog) – due Tuesday
  • Bread Mould Lab – due Wednesday

Here is a rundown of what is coming up:

  • November 18 = Mystery Number Algebra Project – Part 1, 2 and 3 DUE
  • November 20 = Mystery Number Algebra Project Final DUE (math)
  • November 20 = Bread Mold Lab DUE (science)
  • November 21 = Ottawa 67s Day
  • November 22 = SWYK: Writing and Evaluating Algebraic Expressions


This week we will be continuing with our unit on algebraic equations. The focus will be on writing equations from rate scenarios (e.g. A babysitter charges a flat fee of $5 per job booked and an additional fee of $3 per hour. Write an algebraic equation to determine the total cost (C) of the babysitter for “n” hours. Use your formula to determine the cost for 11 hours.)

We will also be practicing substituting values into expressions and finishing up our algebra project. Students can expect to be complete three tasks from the orange homework duotang this week and will be writing a SWYK on these topics on the Friday.


With the completion of our novel study last week, we are going to jump back into the 100 Word Challenge as well as starting some online grammar practice using a site called “no red ink“. We will also be starting our unit of summarizing and points of view.


With this being kindness week, we will be launching our Kindness project which involves students identifying and reflecting on acts of kindness in their lives.


On Monday, we will be speaking via skype with biologist Shelby Riskin about the deforestation occuring in the amazon rainforest in Brazil. Here is a link to more information about out chat. We will also be peer editing our bread mold labs during class on Wednesday.

Remember that on Thursday, students will be going to the Ottawa 67s game!!!

For school-wide announcements, check out the Trinity weekly newsletter HERE.

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