What’s up this Week (Nov 11-15)

Let it snow! With the weather getting cooler, students are reminded to bring warm clothes for the recess. I still see several students walking around in t-shirts (remember: Being cold isn’t cool).

This week is a shortened week due to the PD Day on Friday. Here is a rundown of what is coming up:

  • November 11 = Remembrance Day Assemblies
  • November 11 = Making Sandwiches for Shepherds
  • November 13 = Check In: Writing Equations
  • November 13 = Part A and B of Algebra Project DUE
  • November 14 = Final Reflection for The Bridge Home DUE
  • November 15 = PD Day
  • November 20 = Mystery Number Algebra Project DUE
  • November 21 = Ottawa 67s Day
  • November 22 = SWYK: Writing and Evaluating Algebraic Expressions


This week we are focusing on writing algebraic statements from words. For example, “four less than a number is eleven” would be written as n – 4 = 11. Student should be aware of the different words for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division as well as those tricky words like “more than”, “less than”, “half” and “divided into”.

Here are some resources that student could use if looking for clarification OR if they are absent from class:

Also this week, students started their Mystery Number Project. For more information on this project, including instructions and deadlines, click HERE.

New Math Homework Initiative

I have found that some students are not regularly completing homework (paper-and-pencil and MathSpace), very few students are actually checking their homework with the posted answer keys, and some students are just leaving their incomplete homework on the floor before they leave the classroom!

Here is the plan… each student has been given copies of ALL of the assigned homework for the entire algebra unit. They have already placed these sheets in an orange duotang. When I assign a sheet for homework, students will write the due date on the top of the sheet. Students are expected to complete the homework, use the posted answer keys to mark the homework (and try to determine how to fix any mistakes they may have made) and circle questions that they still do not understand (we will take these up the following class).

Consequences for not completing homework are:

  • 1st time = $30 out of their bank account and email to parents
  • 2nd time = $30 out of their bank account and phone call to parents
  • 3rd – 5th time = $30 out of their bank account, email to parents, lunch detention
  • 6th time = $30 out of their bank account and parent conference

I do not assign very much homework and students need to get into a routine of completing homework regularly before moving to grade 8 and beyond. If you have any questions about the above, please do not hesitate to email me anytime.

We will be finishing off our novel study this week. We have 5 more chapters to read, a final kidblog reflection to write (and provide feedback to our friends in Chicago), and a 1-page novel summary project to complete. Class time will be given for all of these tasks but if students are absent or fall behind, they are more than welcome to complete the work on their own time.


On Monday, we will be making sandwiches for Shepherd. Thank you so much to all those who provided donations. I am hoping that the students helped out around the house to earn the $. Mrs. King and I dropped off the 600 sandwiches to Hope Living in Kanata to many appreciative volunteers and residents. We hope to continue to partner with this local unit of Shepherd of Good Hope throughout the year.

Time permitting, we will be launching into our Kindness Project this Wednesday. If there is a snow day, then we will postpone this until next week – more info to come!


For the next two weeks, we will be investigating sustainable actions that we can take at home and at school. We will begin by conducting a personal audit of the energy and resources that we use and compare our results to the average human. We will also be conducting an audit of the school to gauge the amount of plastic water bottles that are used one-time before being discarded. Then, students teams will work together to determine concrete actions that we can do in our school to improve our results.

For school-wide announcements (including information regarding the Yearbook), check out the Trinity weekly newsletter HERE.





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