What’s up this Week (November 4-8)

As progress reports were distributed last Friday, the first round of Parent-Teacher interviews will be happening this Thursday. All interviews will be held in the gym (not in the classroom) and will be 10-minutes in length. Interviews are booked online using the link HERE. Furthermore, a reminder that Thursday will also be early-dismissal so parents should expect their child to arrive home about an hour earlier than normal.

Here is list of some other events and deadlines coming up:

  • November 4 = Presentation by Shepherds of Good Hope
  • November 7 = Early dismissal @ 1:20 pm (all grades)
  • November 7 = Parent-Teacher Interviews (7-8) starting @ 2:00 pm (book HERE)
  • November 8 = UNIT TEST: Food Webs (science)
  • November 11 = Remembrance Day Assemblies
  • November 11 = Making Sandwiches for Shepherds
  • November 15 = PD Day


This week our focus will be on ratios and rates. This is a mini-unit which will form the foundations of our larger algebra unit coming up next week. Concepts will involve writing ratios and proportions, solving simple proportion problems, and calculating unit rates. Students will be allowed to use calculators for this unit.

Students are encouraged to check out the following links for reinforcement and/clarification at some point in the week:


This is our second last week of our novel study. We will be continuing to read the book together in class and discuss the characters, symbols and ideas from the book.


On Monday, a representative from Shepherds of Good Hope will be coming in to teach us about their mission and programs. We will be raising money to purchase supplies to make sandwiches for their residents. We are hoping that each student can bring in a twoonie (or more) to put towards purchasing supplies for the sandwiches. Our intention is that students EARN this money through helping out at home. We will be using unit rates to determine how much bread, ham, mustard, and cheese to purchase in order to make our sandwiches. Sandwich Day will be next Monday, November 11.


On Tuesday, we will be reviewing the concepts taught by Mr. O’Neill over the last couple of week in preparation for the test on Friday (November 8). On Wednesday, students will be completing a dissection of an Owl Pellet in order to determine which organisms their specific owl consumed.

For school-wide announcements (including information regarding the Yearbook), check out the Trinity weekly newsletter HERE.

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