What’s up this Week (October 21-25)

What a beautiful weekend! Hope everyone had a chance to get outside and enjoy the amazing leaves – I love fall!

We are in the middle of a few projects right now: The Global Read Aloud (English) and the Stock Market Portfolio (Math). I am hoping that students have been sharing some insight into these projects with their families.

Here are some upcoming events and important dates that are coming up soon:

  • October 22 = SWYK: Representing and Comparing Integers (math)
  • October 23 = Photo Retake Day
  • October 28 = All Stock Data must be complete (math)
  • November 1 = Progress Reports Distributed
  • November 1 = Stock Market Portfolio Project DUE (math)
  • November 7 = Early dismissal @ 1:20 pm (all grades)
  • November 7 = Parent-Teacher Interviews (7-8) starting @ 2:00 pm
  • November 11 = Remembrance Day Assemblies
  • November 15 = PD Day


Last week, we started our unit on integers. So far we have discussed number lines and the coordinate grid, words representing positive and negative, opposites, and comparing integers. Students should have been working on some MathSpace activities to help reinforce their learning from class. On Monday, we will be doing a challenge problem on the same topic and handing out a review for the SWYK on Tuesday. Following Tuesday’s assessment, we will be starting to discuss adding integers. Students are encouraged to use the resources in the student Workspace (Goal #1 and 2 for the SWYK; Goal #3 for adding) to help clarify and extend their learning at home.

In addition to the coursework, students are also working on a project involving the Stock Market. Each student had to choose 3 companies to invest in. They had to invest between $7000-10000 in total. We will be tracking the ups and downs of their companies over a two week period and then will be “selling” our shares and determining the profit/loss that was obtained. For more information on the project, students should check out the resources in the Workspace and/or consult the project outline HERE. The project in its entirety will be due on Friday, November 1.


We will be continue with our Global Read Aloud of the book “The Bridge Home”. Our goal by the end of the week is to have read up to Chapter 30, comment on the FlipGrid reflection videos created by our partner class in Chicago, and once again connect with our partner class in Brazil. The GRA will continue to be our focus for the next couple of weeks.


We will be finishing up our unit on digital citizenship and discussing ways on how we can establish a positive reputation online. Mr. O’Neill will be continue to teach this unit for the next couple of weeks.


With the completion of our mid-unit test we are now moving onto our next large goal in science (Goal #3 in the science workspace). The focus will be shifting to feeding relationships, food chains and webs and how the decline in the population of one organism throws the entire web off balance.

For school-wide announcements (including information regarding the Yearbook), check out the Trinity weekly newsletter HERE.

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