What’s up this Week (October 28-November 1)

Spirit Week, Halloween, Stock Market Project due, and a math test are all heading your way this week – so be prepared!

For those that do not following our class twitter account, here is a list of the spirit days this week:

And here is a list of other upcoming deadlines and events:

  • October 30 = Math Reassessments (at lunch) for those who submitted a request
  • November 1 = Progress Reports Distributed
  • November 1 = SWYK: Adding and Subtracting Integers
  • November 1 = Stock Market Portfolio Project DUE (math)
  • November 7 = Early dismissal @ 1:20 pm (all grades)
  • November 7 = Parent-Teacher Interviews (7-8) starting @ 2:00 pm
  • November 8 = UNIT TEST: Food Webs (science)
  • November 11 = Remembrance Day Assemblies
  • November 15 = PD Day


This is the final week for the integers unit. Our last topic (and definitely the most difficult) is subtracting integers. We will be investigating this topic during Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. On Thursday, students will have a little time to ensure their stock market project is complete (click HERE for a more detailed post on this project) as well as a final day to touch base regarding the topics on the SWYK.

On Friday, students will be writing their assessment on Adding and Subtracting Integers as well as handing in their Stock Market Project.

A reminder that students looking to improve their grades are encouraged to check out their online assessment trackers and identify areas with which they can improve (check out this post for more information on how students can file for a reassessment).


We are continuing with our book “The Bridge Home”. We plan to read up to Chapter 30, connect again with our partner classes via kidblog and flipgrid as well as digging deeper into some of the theme and symbols in the book.


We will continue to prepare our prayers for our class prayer book. Students will be starting to present their prayers to the class next week.


Our discussions will continue to focus on food webs and the interactions between the organisms in these webs. Discussions and simulations related to how an ecosystem can crash will be explored as we work towards finishing up our first unit in science (the test is scheduled for Friday, November 8).

This is only our last week with Mr. O’Neill in our class (until February when he returns for another three weeks). I just wanted to take some time to thank him and his contributions to our 7-11 community.

For school-wide announcements (including information regarding the Yearbook), check out the Trinity weekly newsletter HERE.

Stock Market Project – due this Friday

I just wanted to send out a quick reminder that the Stock Market Project is DUE this Friday. Over the past two weeks, students have setup a stock portfolio, have tracked their stocks and organized the data in tables, developed graphs of their rounded profit/loss for each company and calculated their total profit/loss. Although they still have several days to complete the project, we have created a few helpful tutorial videos that I am hoping that students will use to ensure their project is top notch!

Video #1: Tracking the Stock Prices and the Daily Calculations

Video #2: Creating Graphs using Google Sheets

Video #3: Completing the Calculations and Completing the Summary Chart

In addition to the videos above, students have access to other helpful resources in the Student Workspace including a document entitled “Look Fors” which is essentially a checklist that students should go through BEFORE submitting their final project.

Students are also encouraged to check out the assessment rubric which the teachers will be using to assess the final project.

In the next few days, we will take a bit of time to discuss the analysis questions but for the most part the rest of the project needs to be completed at home.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

What’s up this Week (October 21-25)

What a beautiful weekend! Hope everyone had a chance to get outside and enjoy the amazing leaves – I love fall!

We are in the middle of a few projects right now: The Global Read Aloud (English) and the Stock Market Portfolio (Math). I am hoping that students have been sharing some insight into these projects with their families.

Here are some upcoming events and important dates that are coming up soon:

  • October 22 = SWYK: Representing and Comparing Integers (math)
  • October 23 = Photo Retake Day
  • October 28 = All Stock Data must be complete (math)
  • November 1 = Progress Reports Distributed
  • November 1 = Stock Market Portfolio Project DUE (math)
  • November 7 = Early dismissal @ 1:20 pm (all grades)
  • November 7 = Parent-Teacher Interviews (7-8) starting @ 2:00 pm
  • November 11 = Remembrance Day Assemblies
  • November 15 = PD Day


Last week, we started our unit on integers. So far we have discussed number lines and the coordinate grid, words representing positive and negative, opposites, and comparing integers. Students should have been working on some MathSpace activities to help reinforce their learning from class. On Monday, we will be doing a challenge problem on the same topic and handing out a review for the SWYK on Tuesday. Following Tuesday’s assessment, we will be starting to discuss adding integers. Students are encouraged to use the resources in the student Workspace (Goal #1 and 2 for the SWYK; Goal #3 for adding) to help clarify and extend their learning at home.

In addition to the coursework, students are also working on a project involving the Stock Market. Each student had to choose 3 companies to invest in. They had to invest between $7000-10000 in total. We will be tracking the ups and downs of their companies over a two week period and then will be “selling” our shares and determining the profit/loss that was obtained. For more information on the project, students should check out the resources in the Workspace and/or consult the project outline HERE. The project in its entirety will be due on Friday, November 1.


We will be continue with our Global Read Aloud of the book “The Bridge Home”. Our goal by the end of the week is to have read up to Chapter 30, comment on the FlipGrid reflection videos created by our partner class in Chicago, and once again connect with our partner class in Brazil. The GRA will continue to be our focus for the next couple of weeks.


We will be finishing up our unit on digital citizenship and discussing ways on how we can establish a positive reputation online. Mr. O’Neill will be continue to teach this unit for the next couple of weeks.


With the completion of our mid-unit test we are now moving onto our next large goal in science (Goal #3 in the science workspace). The focus will be shifting to feeding relationships, food chains and webs and how the decline in the population of one organism throws the entire web off balance.

For school-wide announcements (including information regarding the Yearbook), check out the Trinity weekly newsletter HERE.

Mid-Unit Ecology Test

In grade 7 science, we have made it to the halfway point in our unit on Interactions within Ecosystems. Students will be writing a test on Tuesday, October 23. Although it is still over a week away, I want to give plenty of warning ahead of time so that students can be adequately prepared.

Last week, students completed an online practice quiz on many of the topics. If students want to complete this online practice again they can do so by clicking HERE (game code is 516823).

Next Tuesday, students will be writing a mock test (which I will mark and get back to them the following class) so they can see what a science test looks like and get a sense of what they know (and what they don’t know) heading into the next weekend. Friday (7-09)/Monday (7-10) in class, we will be also be completing an additional review but there is still lots of studying that the students can be doing at their homes in preparation for this test.

There are several terms to know for this test. Students should be able to identify and explain each term listed below. Students have been adding notes into their science notebooks which include much of the required information (they can use these notebooks on the test too!) but I also want to direct students to the following text and online links that will be helpful in review:

Here is a rundown of the test and the concepts that students should know before writing:


Part A (Knowledge and Understanding)

  • True or False (7 questions)
  • Multiple Choice (8 questions)
  • Matching (5 questions)

Part B (Communication)

  • Paragraph answers (3 questions)

Part C (Making Connections/Applications)

  • Determining population amount (1 question)
  • Graphical analysis (1 question)


1) Identifying abiotic and biotic factors in an ecosystem

  • Terminology: biology, ecology, ecosystem, abiotic, biotic
  • Concept: Identify items as abiotic or biotic and justify the choice
  • Example Question: Give two examples of biotic factors and two examples of abiotic factors seen in the picture. Explain your choices.

2) Organization of living things

  • Terminology: organism, species, population, community, ecosystem, habitat
  • Concept: Know how an ecosystem is organized


  • Example Question: Explain why a pond could be considered an ecosystem. List some of the different populations found at the pond.

3) Limiting factors in ecosystems

  • Terminology: Immigration, Emigration, Predator, Prey, Competition, Mutualism, Carrying Capacity, Limiting Factor
  • Concept: Calculating population rate
  • Concept: Identify, list and explain several different abiotic (e.g. amount of sunlight) and biotic (e.g. competition) factors that limit the growth of a population
  • Example Question: The amount of rabbits (prey) in an area increases. What do you think will happen to the population of foxes (predator) in the same area? Explain.
  • Example Question: The population of mice in a barn is 40. Over the winter 3 mice immigrate, 4 die, 3 are born, and 1 emigrate, what is the new population?
  • Example Question: Choose which graph best represents each scenario… explain your choices.
    • Scenario 1 = There were 3 cold springs in a row
    • Scenario 2 = There were 3 hot summers in a row


Students will have the entire 50-minute block to write the test and can use their science notebooks while writing.

Looking for more clarification? Check out the Ecosystems page on the blog.


What’s up this Week (October 7-11)

WOW – what a fantastic job fundraising! 7-11 raised over $700! Holy Trinity raised over $51 000 (and counting!). Holy Trinity has been top three in the province for the past several years and I expect to have a similar result this year. Thanks to all who took the time to collect pledges, donate money, and support the cause.

Before I start into the rundown for next week, it should be noted that there is a chance that the ongoing labour dispute between the Government and CUPE may not be resolved by Monday, therefore effectively closing the school to students. I (and the school) will try to keep everyone informed as things progress.

Hopefully, everything will be resolved and it will be business as usual on Monday. In this case, here is a overview of the upcoming test and event dates in the next few weeks:

  • October 9 = Concept Check: Ecosystems (Science)
  • October 10 = SWYK: Order of Operations (Math)
  • October 11 = PD Day (no classes)
  • October 14 = Thanksgiving Monday (no classes)
  • October 15-17 = Immunizations
  • October 16 = Oh Deer Assignment DUE (Science)
  • October 17 = Early Dismissal (1:20 pm)
  • October 23 = Photo Retake Day
  • November 1 = Progress Reports Distributed


On Wednesday, we took two periods to review the Order of Operations. Our focus was on why the operations are completed in this order. Students (and parents) may be familiar with BEDMAS as a way to remember the order. We are introducing a modified version of this called GEMS. The reason for this is that in BEDMAS, students often give priority to division (D) over multiplication (M) and addition (A) or subtraction (S) since that is the way they are presented in BEDMAS.

Next week, we will be digging deeper into the order in which we evaluate expressions. Students will be writing a SWYK (assessment) this Thursday on the topic. We are pushing to finish up this first math unit before Thanksgiving so that we can start a new unit when we return from the long weekend. Students looking to reinforce (or clarify) their learning in class can check out Stage #5 in the student workspace.

Last week, we started reading our book for the Global Read Aloud. We got through the first four chapters (for those reading along with us at home). On MOnday, the plan is to finish up to the end of Chapter 7 and then pause to give time for students to reflect and answer some discussion questions. We will be linking up with a school in Chicago via KidBlog and will be chatting online (via Skype) with a class in Sao Paulo (Brazil) about our thoughts about, predictions for, and connections to the book so far. If time permits, we will be continue on in the book (the goal for Week #2 is Chapters 8-14).

In addition to our focus on the GRA, students will be providing constructive feedback to each other’s 100WC posts from last week.

Our religion curriculum will be interwoven with our English novel study. We will continue to focus on community and our judgement of others through the lens of “kindness and mercy”.


On Monday, students will be completed an online simulation (gizmo) involving a rabbit population in order to explore the possible factors which limit its growth. On Tuesday, we will be reviewing the topics discussed so far in preparation for the mid-unit test on Wednesday. Tentatively, the test is scheduled for Wednesday in hopes to wrap things up before Thanksgiving but if I feel as though the students are not ready to write, I will be postponing the assessment until after the long weekend.

For school-wide announcements (including information regarding the Yearbook), check out the Trinity weekly newsletter HERE.