What’s up this Week (September 23-27)

We are coming to an end of our first month already (yikes, time is flying)! This Friday is the Grade 7 Welcome Wagon Day and I’m banking on 7-11 to take home the trophy!

Today, the Terry Fox forms have been sent home and students are encouraged to start collecting pledges. Ask your child some of the incentives that Mr. Ferguson has put forth!

Here are a list of some upcoming events and deadlines:

  • September 25 = Check In: Squares and Roots (math)
  • September 26 = Check In: Ecology Terminology (science)
  • September 27 = Final Copy of Recount DUE (English)
  • September 27 = Grade 7 Welcome Wagon Day
  • September 30 = Orange Shirt Day
  • October 4 = Terry Fox Run
  • October 11 = PD Day (no classes)
  • October 14 = Thanksgiving Monday (no classes)


The SWYK that students wrote last week has been marked and distributed to those students who were in class on Friday. I have also shared the online assessment tracker with students and parents so they can track the progress in math throughout the year. Please make sure to read THIS POST for more information and check out THIS VIDEO for more information on the assessment tracker, filing for reassessments, and how these tools can be used to maximize math understanding.

This week, we will be moving onto the third and fourth concepts under Goal #1, namely squares and roots and exponential notation. Students who are looking for clarification for what we did in class or who were absent are encouraged to check out the resources listed under Stage #3 in the student workspace.

Today, we discussed the difference between a “telling” sentence and a “showing” sentence. “Telling” sentences tell the reader what is happening – they are passive (and boring).

EXAMPLE: The wind was cold.

A “show” sentence, describes what is happening and includes details related to the characters’ reactions, feelings, and emotions.

EXAMPLE: The icy wind whipped across my skin, making goose bumps appear.

Students were to return to their 100WC posts and their recounts that they completed last week, and improve them by changing any “telling” sentences to “showing” sentences.

This week, we will continue to revise our recounts through peer editing and additional mini-lessons. The final draft of the recount (to be evaluated) is due at the end of the day on Friday. Parents are encouraged to read their child’s recount and have their child point out which sentences they fixed up.

We will also be providing feedback comments on the 100WC posts.


We will continue to discuss community and being good neighbours both on and offline. The focus of this week’s discussion is on our digital footprint. Is our online reputation/footprint a positive or negative one? We will also be finalize the details surrounding our first social justice project: Sandwiches for Shepherds.


This week, we will be continue to discuss abiotic and biotic factors in ecosystems as well as the hierarchy of how ecosystems are organized. On Wednesday, we will be completing a lab entitled “Is Yeast Alive?” as well as starting our bread mold labs. Finally, on Thursday, students will be completing a short check in on the terminology covered so far. Students should be well versed in the concepts listed under Goal #1 in the student workspace.

For school-wide announcements, check out the Trinity weekly newsletter HERE.


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