Math Assessment FAQ

What is competency-based assessment?

In our math class, we are adopting a competency/skill based approach. In this approach we have divided each curricular strand into a series of goals and related skills. As we progress through the material, students will be assessed on their ability to demonstrate the math concept or skill. For some students, they may only reach competency after the formal unit has been completed… and that’s okay! Just like learning to walk, different kids learn at different times. For more information on this philosophy, please read my “Math Assessment Philosophy” page HERE.

What homework will be assigned and is homework assessed?

There will be three types of math homework:

To Finish Work that they already started in class (this will usually be in the form of a paper-and-pencil worksheet) – for each of these tasks, either a picture or video of the answers will be posted on the class twitter feed. Students are expected to complete the work, then check their answers online. I will NOT be collecting this type of homework but rather taking up any question that students still do not understand after looking at the answer key.

To Complete Weekly “Mathspace” tasks. Each week I will post 1-2 tasks on Mathspace. The topics of these tasks will pertain to the topics we will be covering during the week. Students will be responsible for completing these tasks at some point throughout the week. I am able to view who completed the tasks, which questions required hints and videos, and the total amount of questions completed correctly.

To Work on a Previously Assessed Topic. At any time throughout the term, students are encouraged to review their online assessment tracker and identify those areas with which they demonstrated an understand of “Not Yet”, “Getting There” or “Has It” on a summative task (SWYK or project). If students would like to improve their grade, they must attend extra help sessions, complete some extra practice at home, try some online resources from Mathspace or the class website and/or work with a parent or tutor and then submit a request for reassessment.

Homework will not be formally assessed; however, the homework is important practice which will help students to reinforce the concepts in class. Students not completing homework will get “fined” (see the class economic program for details) and homework completion will make up a portion of the “responsibility” learning skill on the report card.

How do I use/navigate the online assessment tracker?

An online assessment tracker has been shared with each student (and his/her parents). This tool will be tracking the achievement of the student in each competency throughout the year. Check out the video below for more information:

I’m still confused about how to book a re-assessment?

Not all students will fully understand a concept by time the summative assessment rolls around. Saying that, I am a big believer in giving students additional time and resources in order to develop a solid understanding.

If a student has an assessment of “not yet”, “getting there” or “has it” on a particular competency, they are encouraged to continue to seek help on that topic (even if it is no longer our focus in class). They can use the resources in the student workspace, come for extra help at lunch, and use the MathSpace e-textbook to clarify their understanding.

When they believe they are ready to be re-assessed on the topic, they can submit a re-assessment request form. Once the form is submitted, the student must then come to room N205 (our classroom) at the beginning of lunch on the following Thursday. Failure to show up to this re-assessment day will result in their request being cancelled.

I was away on a test day, what happens now?

If you miss a test day, I will try my best to have to write it during class on the day you return to class. If time is not available for this to happen, all missed tests are written at lunch on Thursday in room N205 (as per the “Missed Test” policy outlined HERE).

I can’t get my assignment done on time, what do I do?

If an assignment is due and you will not be able to complete it on time, email your teacher and let them know as soon as possible. Let them know why it won’t be done and a date in which it will be completed.

If you do not email your teacher then the steps outlined on the policy document for missed assignments will be followed. Read the whole policy HERE.

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