What’s up this Week (September 16-20)

This past week, student completed their first assessment in math, created three writing posts, started into novels for independent reading, discussed what it means to be good citizen, and submitted their first formal lab report. There are a few students who have not yet completed the two mathspace tasks yet, so this will be assigned for them this weekend.

I enjoyed chatting with those parents that we able to make it to the Meet the Teacher night last Thursday. For those that couldn’t make it, please find a copy of my presentation HERE.

There are LOTS of important dates coming up including:

  • September 19 = SWYK: Multiples and Factors (Math)
  • September 19 = School Photo Day
  • September 20 = 100WC#2 Post DUE (English)
  • September 20 = Recount Draft DUE (English)
  • September 20 = Hangout with Dr. Jennifer Lavers (Science)
  • September 27 = Grade 7 Welcome Wagon Day
  • September 30 = Orange Shirt Day
  • October 4 = Terry Fox Run
  • October 11 = PD Day (no classes)
  • October 14 = Thanksgiving Monday (no classes)


This week, we will be continue to work with multiples, factors and divisibility rules in preparation for our first summative assessment. We will also be discussion prime and composite numbers. The SWYK (Show What You Know) on Multiples and Factors will be on Thursday. Students looking to review these concepts are encouraged to check out the links in Stage #1 and Stage #2 of the student workspace. They should also ensure that they have completed the three tasks in MathSpace.


Thanks in advance to those parents who made accounts and visited our KidBlog portfolios. It is great to see the feedback! I sent an email last week to parents with instructions on how to access the portfolio (if you did not receive the email, please reach out).

This week, our focus will be on recount writing. Through the use of organizers and mini-lessons, students should have completed a short recount by the end of the week. Inspired by the podcast The Moth, students will be honing their story-telling skills as they prepare to tell their recounts to each other (next week).

We will also be launching another 100WC which will be available online by the end of the week (and of course continue to read, read, read!)


As we further our discussions about being good digital Samaritans, this week’s focus turns to posting videos and images of others. In what case is it okay? When is it not okay? We will also be determining which social justice projects we plan to start implementing.


This is a busy week for science as we will be starting our first unit (Interactions within Ecosystems) and preparing for our Google Hangout with Dr. Jennifer Lavers on Friday. We will be discussing concepts and terminology related to ecosystems and the requirements for these ecosystems to be healthy and balanced. Students are encouraged to check out Goal #1 of the student workspace for the unit to find online resources, links to the textbook and online simulations and games.

For school-wide announcements, check out the Trinity weekly newsletter HERE.

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