What’s up this Week (June 3-7)

Welcome to the final month of the 2018-2019 school year! A reminder that this Friday is a PD Day. Here is a list of the remaining test/assignment dates as well as important school events coming up (general events = black; science = green; math = blue):

  • June 6: Outcomes and Theoretical Probability SWYK (math)
  • June 7: PD Day (no classes)
  • June 10: Theoretical Analysis of Carnival Game DUE (math)
  • June 11: Conduction in Metals Lab DUE (science)
  • June 13-14: Grade 8 Toronto Trip!
  • June 14: Relative Frequency and Experimental Probability SWYK (math)
  • June 17: Experimental Analysis of Carnival Game DUE (math)
  • June 18: Testing Solar Cookers! (7-10 science)
  • June 19: Heat Transfer QUIZ (science)
  • June 19: Grade 7 Math Exam 
  • June 21: Fun Day (info to come)
  • June 24: Athletic Awards Ceremony (am)
  • June 25: Academic Awards Ceremony (am)
  • June 25: Term Two Report Cards Distributed
  • June 26: Last Day of Classes


Grade 7 Math

It may be a short week but we are packing a lot in! We will be continuing our discussions around possible outcomes and theoretical probability but this time to those experiments involving multiple events. Students will be completing the first part of their Quarter Carnival project as well as writing a SWYK on Thursday. Here are some online resources that complement the learning from class:

In science, we have moved to our final topic: Methods of Heat Transfer (conduction, radiation and convection). Students should be familiar with these terms from previous grades and may be able to connect their learning to past science units in energy and electricity. This week, our focus will be on conduction. On Tuesday we will be looking more closely into one certain materials conduct heat (and electricity) better than others and on Wednesday, students will be completing their final lab. The conduction lab will be due the following week. For more information on this topic, students are encouraged to review the following resources at home:

For school-wide news, check out the weekly Trinity newsletter HERE.


  • Hi Mr Fisher,

    Is the theoretical analysis of Carnival games due as homework tomorrow or is it something that will be done in class?

    There doesn’t seem to be any active link to it and no paper form came back home.


    • Students had some time Friday to complete this task. I am hoping that they can have it done for Monday. It is nothing crazy… no formal handout… students just need to provide that the theoretical probability of winning their carnival game is between 20-30%. This basically involves them listing all of the possible outcomes (hopefully using an organizer) and then calculating the theoretical probability. My classroom will be open Monday at lunch for those students who want to touch base on this portion of the project. I have posted the weekly post, it includes a link to the project. Hope this helps.

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