What’s up this Week (May 20-24)

I saw these posts on twitter recently and think they are a good reflection of students, parents and teachers in May. We are all trying our best but are feeling the drain. The final push is on, lots of things going on, and we are trying to keep up the same effort and quality as we were producing in September. I so appreciate the efforts that everyone is continuing to put forth. I am so proud of the work that my students are doing!









I am hoping that everyone has a wonderful, relaxing long weekend and that we can all recharge our batteries for the last month of school.

Here are some upcoming dates:

  • May 14-16: 7/8 Quebec City Trip
  • May 14: CSI Procedure DUE (in workspace) – science
  • May 15: CSI Analysis and Accusation DUE (in workspace) – science
  • May 16: Stop Motion Videos DUE (by end of class) – math
  • May 17: PD Day (no classes)
  • May 20: Victoria Day (holiday)
  • May 22: Closing Liturgies (period 2)
  • May 24: SWYK: Making Predictions from Linear Relationships – math
  • May 28: Heat vs Temperature Lab DUE (science)
  • May 29: Heat and Temperature and the Particle Theory QUIZ (science)
  • June 7: PD Day (no classes)
  • June 11: Conduction in Metals Lab DUE (science)
  • June 13-14: Grade 8 Toronto Trip!
  • June 18: Testing Solar Cookers! (science)
  • June 19: Heat Transfer QUIZ (science)
  • June 21: Fun Day (info to come)
  • June 24: Athletic Awards Ceremony (am)
  • June 25: Academic Awards Ceremony (am)
  • June 25: Term Two Report Cards Distributed
  • June 26: Last Day of Classes


Grade 7 Math

We are into our final week of the linear relations unit. This week, some teams will need to finish off their Stop Motion Projects (especially 7-09 who lost time due to the lockdown practice last Thursday). Our final topic is making predictions from linear relations. This is essentially a review of the past material and we will just be taking our learning further through investigations. STudents will write a short SWYK on this topic next Friday (May 24). Here are some online resources that students can check out to reinforce their learning at home:

Grade 7 Science

The focus this week is the difference between the sensations of hot and cold, the temperature of an object, and the heat contained in an object. This can sometimes be confusing to students as the terms are used interchangeably. Essentially, heat is a FORM of energy while temperature is a MEASURE of the energy. Click HERE to view a great resource explaining the difference. We will be exploring these topics and completing a short investigation on Wednesday. Here are some additional resources for students to check out at home in order to prepare for the upcoming topics:

In both math and science, parents can expect students to bring home a duotang of past assessments. A reminder to math students that there are only 3 more Wednesday’s with which they can attempt reassessments on past topics.

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