What’s up this Week (May 13-17)

Happy Mother’s Day to all! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and that your child spoils you. Thank you for all that you do to support your child getting to school on time in the morning, completing their work with quality, being polite and respectful and helping them manage the challenges of adolescence.

Thanks to everyone who placed bids on the bird feeders. In total we raised $312 for the Wild Bird Centre. Those who had the winning bid for the feeders will be receiving an email with more information on payment and pick up in the coming week.

It was great chatting with parents at last Thursday’s open house. I know that the rainy weather scared away some people so appreciate the families who were able to come and see some of the “going ons” at Trinity.

With a PD day and Victoria Day, we have some shortened weeks coming up. Here is a list of the upcoming events and deadlines:

  • May 14-16: 7/8 Quebec City Trip
  • May 14: CSI Procedure DUE (in workspace) – science
  • May 15: CSI Analysis and Accusation DUE (in workspace) – science
  • May 16: Stop Motion Videos DUE (by end of class) – math
  • May 17: PD Day (no classes)
  • May 20: Victoria Day (holiday)
  • May 22: Closing Liturgies (period 2)
  • May 24: SWYK: Making Predictions from Linear Relationships – math
  • May 28: Heat vs Temperature Lab DUE (science)
  • May 29: Heat and Temperature and the Particle Theory QUIZ (science)
  • June 7: PD Day (no classes)
  • June 11: Conduction in Metals Lab DUE (science)
  • June 18: Testing Solar Cookers! (science)
  • June 19: Heat Transfer QUIZ (science)
  • June 24: Athletic Awards Ceremony (am)
  • June 25: Academic Awards Ceremony (am)
  • June 25: Term Two Report Cards Distributed
  • June 26: Last Day of Classes


Grade 7 Math

We are right into the middle of our linear relations unit. This week, student groups will be working on an in-class project (good news = no homework, important = attendance). Each group will be analysing one rate scenario. They will have to create stop motion video which shows the scenario and how the scenario can be represented in various forms (table, graph, picture, equation). The rationale for this project is for students to be explicit in their explanations of how each form is related to one another. Students must submit their completed video at the end of Thursday’s class. I will be booking out some iPads from the learning commons to assist students in this project but students are invited to bring their own device for the filming and editing portions. For more info on this project, check out the assignment outline HERE.

Grade 7 Science

Last week we finished up the CSI lab periods and it is time for students to hand in their paperwork! Each students was the “lead detective” on one piece of evidence. As lead detective they are also responsible for submitted a detailed procedure (including pictures) of the tests they completed on their given piece of evidence. These procedures were originally due last Wednesday but I have extended the deadline until next Tuesday.

Also due this week (on Wednesday), is the analysis and accusation for the CSI project. 7-09 already had a class period last Friday to work on this and 7-10 will have a chance during class on Monday. This part of the project involves answering questions pertaining to the project and then submitted an accusation as to which suspect committed the crime. I have included a document called “How to Get a Level 4 on Analysis” that students can find in their student workspace.

On TUesday and Wednesday of this week, we will be starting our final unit: Heat. This unit is closely tied to the one we just finished as we will be continuing to discuss the Particle Theory. The learning goals this week include explaining how heating and cooling are important in everyday natural and artificial processes and explaining the difference between temperature and heat. Students are encouraged to check out the following links at some point this week in order to reinforce the learning in class:

For school-wide news, check out the Trinity weekly newsletter HERE.


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