What’s up this Week (May 6-10)

This week is Bird Feeder Auction and Education Week! Lots of things going on! I’m hoping to see everyone at this Thursday’s open house. There will be 4 food trucks (Angry Dragonz, Rico Peru, Big D’s Dog House and Poutine Emporium and The Merry Dairy) ready to serve up some yummy supper and then you are invited to check out all of the different exhibits in the school. The open house will run from 4:30-6:30 pm. We understand that the times for the Open House may not work for all families so therefore instead of just having the Bird Feeder Auction at the Open House we will be doing an online version throughout the week. The auction will open on Monday at noon and close on Friday at noon. The highest bid on each bird feeder will win the feeder. All proceeds will be donated to the Ottawa Wild Bird Sanctuary.

Here are some other important events and class deadlines that are coming up:

  • May 6: Bird Feeder Auction starts (at noon)
  • May 6: Unit Test on Dissolving and Separating Mixtures (7-10 science)
  • May 9: Catholic Education Week Open House (4:30-6:30)
  • May 10: Bird Feeder Auction ends (at noon)
  • May 10: SWYK: Different Representations of Patterns (math)
  • May 10: CSI Procedural Write up DUE (7-09 science)
  • May 13: CSI Procedural Write up DUE (7-10 science)
  • May 14: CSI Accusation DUE (science)
  • May 14: 7/8 Quebec City Trip
  • May 17: PD Day (no classes)
  • May 20: Victoria Day (holiday)


Grade 7 Math

Now that we know how to classifying and write the recursive rule for patterns, we will investigating how we can represent linear relationships in different forms (as a sequence, t-table, graph, picture, etc…) as well as learning how to create an algebraic equation (general pattern rule) for the sequence. The next two week are foundational for these important concepts. Students are encouraged to check out some of the following resources to help reinforce their learning at home:

Grade 7 Science

7-10 will be writing their test on Solubility and Methods of Separation on Monday. Then for both classes, Tuesday and Wednesday will be our final two lab days for the CSI project. Student groups should be completing their final pieces of evidence (the tablet) on Tuesday and then can use Wednesday to complete any unfinished experiments and complete their procedural write ups. For those who don’t know, each student will be the “lead detective” on one piece of evidence. The lead detective is responsible for coordinating the tests for that specific piece of evidence, taking pictures of the steps involved and writing up the procedure and results section (in workspace). On Friday (7-09) and next Monday (7-10), the procedural writeup should be done so that students can use the results to formulate their accusation.

For more school-wide information, check out the Holy Trinity weekly newsletter HERE.

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