What’s up this Week (April 29-May 3)

So despite the snow, it is May this coming week! Education is just around the corner (which means the bird feeder auction and open house). In math, we are jumping into a new strand and in science we are launching our CSI project. Lots of things going on including the following important dates:

  • May 3: Unit Test on Dissolving and Separating Mixtures (7-09 science)
  • May 3: Check In: Describing and Extending Patterns (math)
  • May 6: Bird Feeder Auction starts!
  • May 6: Unit Test on Dissolving and Separating Mixtures (7-10 science)
  • May 8: CSI Procedural Write up DUE (science)
  • May 9: Catholic Education Week Open House (4:30-6:30)
  • May 10: Bird Feeder Auction ends!
  • May 14: CSI Accusation DUE (science)
  • May 14: 7/8 Quebec City Trip
  • May 17: PD Day (no classes)
  • May 20: Victoria Day (holiday)


Grade 7 Math

Since we finished up our Geometry strand on Friday, we will be starting our unit on Linear Relationships (aka My favourite unit of the year). We will be discussing patterns and rates and how we can represent them in different ways. Groups will be working on a stop motion video project, we will throw some Barbie dolls over the railing of the stairwell, and program some robots. This week will be reviewing patterns and number sequences, extending patterns, and writing recursive pattern rules. We will also be classifying patterns as increasing or decreasing and linear or nonlinear. Students looking for some additional resources can check out the following:

Grade 7 Science

A crime has been committed. My Yoda stuffy has gone missing. Four clues have been left at the scene of the crime: a ransom note with fingerprints, the pen markings on the ransom note, a crushed pill, and a spilled mechanical mixture. Student detective groups have to develop procedures to test each of the pieces of evidence and compare their results to the suspect dossier in order to determine the one who did the crime. Students will be given four lab days and one paperwork day. Students can refer to the workspace throughout the process for more details.

Also, on Friday (for 7-09) and next Monday (for 7-10), students will be writing their test on the second half of the Pure Substances and Mixtures unit. More information can be found HERE.

Finally, a reminder to all students who have missing assignments that they need to hand them in before the end of the day this Wednesday. After this point, they will receive a zero. Student are advised to check their school email to see if they received a message regarding missing assignments. This post has more details on how to make up the missed work.

For school-wide news, check out the Trinity weekly newsletter HERE.


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