Solubility, Dissolving and Separation Test (Science)

On Friday (May 3) and Monday (May 6), the science students will be writing their unit test for the Pure Substances and Mixtures unit. This test will cover the content from the second half of the unit. Here is a rundown of the topics and some example questions:


Part A (Knowledge and Understanding)

  • Multiple Choice (13 questions)

Part B (Communication/Application)

  • Paragraph answers (4 questions)


1) Solubility and Solutions

  • Terminology: solute, solvent, solution, unsaturated, saturated, supersaturated, dilute, concentrated, soluble, insoluble

2) Rate of Dissolving

  • Terminology: rate

3) Methods of Separating Mixtures

  • Terminology: sorting, magnetism, sifting, floating/settling, filtration, distillation, evaporation, chromatography, crystallization

Students looking for some additional resources can check out the unit review questions for Solutions and Dissolving and Methods of Separation. Also, students are encouraged to check out some of the links in the workspace (blue and pink sections) to further reinforce their understanding.

Happy reviewing!

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