Missing Science Assignments

Recently, I handed back several science assignments. At this time, I notified students who had not handed in the assignments that I would be providing an additional copy and a week for them to submit the assignment before I would no longer accept it.

The following assignments will be accepted as long as they are submitted by next Wednesday (May 1). If I do not receive the assignment by this date, the student will receive a “zero” on the assignment.

I believe in deadlines. I think that they are essential in helping students with time management and responsibility. Saying that, many students who get a “zero” don’t seem to care. It is as if they think that they have gotten away with not having to do the assignment. I would rather that each student actually completes the work!


Here are the three assignments that I will allow students to re-complete:

1) Particle Theory Poster (originally due March 5)

This was a small task at the beginning of the unit to help students remember the PArticle Theory. Students had to draw and colour a small diagram or cartoon depicting each of the points of the Particle Theory. They were given one class period to complete this.

A template to help students can be downloaded HERE.


2) Classifying Matter Lab (originally due March 8)

While learning about the different classifications of mixtures (solutions or mechanical mixtures), we completed a lab which involved students mixing various substances (oil, vinegar, juice crystals, salt, etc…) with water and then classifying the mixture. There were a few follow up questions to complete.

Students can download a copy of the lab write up HERE.

Although I don’t have the time to redo the entire lab with the students, I did complete the lab myself after school and am including my results in the picture below. Students are to write their hypothesis and then use the picture to complete the lab.


3) Dissolving and Solubility Simulation (originally due April 10)

While learning about solubility curves and the effect of temperature on solubility, we used an online simulation to see how the saturation changed for 5 different solutes at various temperatures. Students can access the online simulation HERE.

Students can download a new copy of the assignment HERE.


If students are missing the Mystery Matter lab, this was a major lab (it took us three days) and therefore will not be setting up everything again. If students find their copy of the mystery matter lab and are able to complete it I will still accept it by Wednesday. If they are unable to find their copy, unfortunately I am not providing new copies for this assignment.

I will be emailing any students (and CCing their parents) who are missing any of the above assignments (hopefully by the end of the day Saturday). This is a one-time deal. In future, late assignments will have a short grace period (1-2 days) following the due date (as long as the students speaks to me personally about why it was late) before it becomes an automatic “zero”. Students are encouraged to read the “What’s up this week” post regularly as all due dates are included in the post.

Thanks for your understanding and support in this matter.

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