What’s up this Week (March 25-29)

So since I missed last week’s post I should say a belated “Welcome back from the break”! Whether skiing, sunning on a beach, going to a camp or enjoying a staycation, I hope that everyone had a rejuvenating break – I definitely did! In both math and science, we are just finishing up our current topics and will be starting new ones this week.

  • March 26: Concept Check: Matter and the Particle Theory (science)
  • March 29: SWYK: Percents (math)
  • April 19: Good Friday (no school)
  • April 22: Easter Monday (no school)


Grade 7 Math

This week, our focus on proportional reasoning shifts to percents. We will be relating ratios, fraction and decimals to percents; calculating percents; and solving problems related to percents such as calculating tax, tips, and discounts. On Friday, student will write a short assessment on these topics. This will be the final Number Sense and Numeration topic this year. Students will be able to submit re-assessment requesting starting this Wednesday until the first week of June on any term 2 topic with which they would like to be re-assessed. My goal this weekend it to get all submitted assessments marked and posted online so that students can see what topics they might want to review.

Here are some online resources that students can use to help reinforce their learning on percents:

Grade 7 Science

We are just finishing up the first half of our unit on Pure Substances and Mixtures. The test for this content is scheduled for Tuesday, March 26. Students should check out THIS POST for more information on this assessment. Following this, we will be going deeper into solutions: how they are created, why things dissolve and what factors increase the rate of dissolving.

Here are some additional resources students can check out (after Tuesday of course as they should be focusing on the material for the test):

For school-wide news, check out the Holy Trinity weekly newsletter HERE.

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