Science Concept Check (next Tuesday)

This coming Tuesday, science students will be writing their Concept Check on the first part of the Pure Substance and Mixtures unit.

Here is a rundown of the test and the concepts (and associated textbook pages) that students should know before writing:


Part A (Knowledge and Understanding)

  • Multiple Choice (12 questions)
  • Matching (8 questions)
  • Fill-in-the-Blank (5 questions)

Part B (Communication)

  • Paragraph answers (3 questions)


1) Particle Theory

  • Terminology: particle, theory
  • Example Question: What are the five points in the Particle Theory?
  • Example Question: What happens to the particles when a substance is heated?
  • Textbook: 1.1 What is Matter

2) States of Matter

  • Terminology: matter, state, solid, liquid, gas, definite/indefinite
  • Example Question: How is the particle configuration different in solids, liquids, and gases?
  • Example Question: What does it mean to say that liquids have a definite volume but indefinite shape?
  • Textbook: 1.2 States of Matter

3) Classifying Matter

Students looking for some additional practice questions can refer to the additional REVIEW QUESTIONS here. Students are also encouraged to check out the WORKSPACE which contains additional resources to support these topics.

Happy studying!

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