What’s up this Week (February 25 – March 1)

With only two more weeks until March break I know that everyone is ready for a little break – BUT don’t stop yet 🙂

Our goal in math and science is to finish up our current skills/concepts before the break so that we can start something new upon return. This will also allow students to fully take a break from school (at least from math and science) to recharge. The trade off is that we will be working hard right up to the break!

Here is a rundown of upcoming events:

  • February 27 – Particle Theory poster DUE (science)
  • February 27 – School Council Fundraiser (Dominos Pizza)
  • February 28 – School Play @ 7 pm
  • March 1 and 4 – Check In: Particle Theory and States of Matter (science)
  • March 4 – Check In: Adding and Subtracting Fractions with Like Denominators (math)
  • March 5 – Particle Theory video DUE (science)
  • March 5 – Clubs and Team Yearbook Pictures
  • March 8 – Classifying Matter Lab Report DUE by end of day (science)
  • March 8 – SWYK: Adding and Subtracting Fractions (math)
  • March 11 to 15 – March Break (no classes)
  • March 22 and 25 – Mystery Matter Lab Report DUE (science)
  • March 26 – Concept Check: Particle Theory and Matter (science)


Grade 7 Math

On Monday, students received one final building day for their bird feeders. I am so proud of all of the work that the students put into this project from designing, to prototyping to constructing the final product. Check out the variety of different feeder we have created:

This Tuesday, we will be jumping into our next unit: Fractions. This will an ongoing topic over the next five weeks as we relate fractions to decimals, percents, ratios and rates. This week the focus will be on reviewing fraction concepts from elementary school. This includes representing fractions and mixed numbers, comparing fractions, writing equivalent fractions and adding/subtracting fraction with the same denominators.

Although all of the above concept “should” be review, we will be taking a few classes to ensure students have these foundations before proceeding. Those looking for some additional reinforcement at home should check out the following resources:

Grade 7 Science

In science, we have been reviewing the properties of solids, liquids and gases that students learned back in grade 5. We have focused specifically on particle configuration in these states as well as how temperature can impact the particles. Today in class, we discussed the particle theory and the students started working on a little poster to help reinforce the components of the particle theory. I also introduced a memory aid for the particle theory – ask your child if they know all the points of the theory!

This week we will continue to work towards learning this theory. Student groups will be working on a portion of a video on the Particle Theory and States of Matter. The cartoon they started today is due on Wednesday. Furthermore, filming of the video will be taking place during Wednesday’s class.

Students looking for more information should check out the resources on the unit workspace:

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What’s up this Week (Feb 18-22)

Happy Family Day to everyone! I know that not everyone had this day off but hoping that at some point, families were able to reconnect. What gorgeous weather!

For those looking to book an interview with me (or another teacher), click HERE to book a time. Please contact the teacher directly if you are unable to make one of the times listed but would still like to meet.

Here is a rundown of the events for the week:

  • February 18 – Family Day (no school)
  • February 21 – Parent-Teacher Interviews (early dismissal at 1:20 pm)
  • February 22 – Final Bird Feeder and Video DUE (math)


Grade 7 Math

This week, we will be focusing on finding the volume of regular prisms. Students will be writing a short check in to gauge their understanding. Bird feeder groups will also be putting together their feeders (all the wood is cut and ready to be assembled). I am hoping that by Friday, each feeder will be assembled, the group video will be completed and all materials will be ready for the auction.

Grade 7 Science

We are starting a new unit this week – Pure Substances and Mixtures. Our focus this week will be on reviewing the states of matter as well as introducing the Particle Theory. I will be putting all resources on a Workspace for this unit. Find the workspace HERE.

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Have a wonderful week!

What’s up this Week (February 11-15)

This week is the final week of Term 1 as report cards are distributed Friday. In both math and science, we have been working on culminating tasks and I have been so impressed by the students and their work on these projects.

Here is a rundown of the upcoming dates for the remainder of February:

  • February 11 – Bird Feeder Prototypes and Final Blueprints DUE at end of class (math)
  • February 11 and 12 – Bird Feeder Interviews (math)
  • February 12 – Final Roller Coaster Presentations science)
  • February 15 – Check In: 3D Measurement (math)
  • February 15 – Term One Report Cards Distributed (math)
  • February 18 – Family Day (no school)
  • February 21 – Parent-Teacher Interviews (early dismissal)
  • February 22 – Final Bird Feeder and Video DUE (math)

Also, a reminder that parents will be able to start booking interview times this coming Friday. To book, you need a google account as we have switching booking platforms.


Grade 7 Math

Last week, groups finished their initial blueprints and created 3D models of their bird feeders. This prototype stage is essential in the design process as many groups realized that the were missing pieces, their sizing was off, or they wanted to make some other modifications before moving to the next stage.

Check out the variety of different prototypes:

This week, students will be finishing their prototypes and reflections as well as drawing their final draft of blueprints in preparation for the wood construction stage. Over Monday and Tuesday, I will be meeting with students individually to discuss the bird feeder, their contributions and the math behind their model. These conversations will make up the final assessment piece for the measurement strand on the Term 1 report.

Then, on Wednesdays, Thursday and Friday, we will be taking a break from the feeders to discuss surface area, volume and capacity and relate these terms to our project. On Friday, students will write an informal check in on the topics.

IMPORTANT: There are some students who have missed several of the final assessment in the Measurement strand. This includes the SWYK, the Geoboard Shapes Task, and the blueprint area calculations (as well as participation in the bird feeder project). As not enough evidence has been collected in order to accurately determine their understanding of the measurement concepts, they will be receiving an “I” (incomplete) on their report card for this final strand. I will be trying to gather as much data as possible on Monday and Tuesday of next week, but did want to give the heads up to students who have missed a lot of time in the last couple of weeks.

Grade 7 Science

Last week, groups designed and started building their roller coasters. This project is difficult since the static and dynamic loads force their builder to ensure that all structures are stable. I was a little worried after the snow day that we wouldn’t be able to finish but Mme Thomson (for 7-09) and Mme Graham (for 7-10) graciously gave up their period so that we could have some more time. 7-09 had a double building block on Friday in which almost every group finished their coaster. 7-10 will have a double block on Monday.

On Tuesday, we will be starting the presentations. Students must demonstrate the following FOUR criteria in their presentation:

  1. Consistency (the coaster should make it from start to finish 5 consecutive times)
  2. Structural Integrity (there should be limited movement of the structure when the coaster passes through it)
  3. Presentation/Creativity (they need to show how they have captured and incorporated the theme behind their design)
  4. “Cool” Features (they need to show at least 3 “cool” features of their coaster such as loops, jumps, zipline, etc…)

On Wednesday, those who did not get to present will do so as groups that finished early will be preparing a promotion video for their coaster – stay tuned!

This will bring us to the end of the Form and Function unit. Next up will be Pure Substances and Mixtures… get a peak at the topics HERE.

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What’s up this Week (February 4-8)

Welcome to February! Our classes are full swing into final projects – check out our class twitter account to see what is taking shape in science and math. Lots of deadlines and important dates as we are finishing up term one content. Please review the dates below:

  • February 5 – SWYK: Two-Dimensional Measurement (math)
  • February 5 – Roller Coaster Design DUE + Building Begins (science)
  • February 7 – Teams and Clubs Yearbook Photos
  • February 8 – Bird Feeder Prototypes and Modified Templates DUE (math)
  • February 12 – Final Roller Coaster Presentations DUE (science)
  • February 15 – Term One Report Cards Distributed (math)
  • February 18 – Family Day (no school)
  • February 21 – Parent-Teacher Interviews (early dismissal)
  • February 22 – Final Bird Feeder and Video DUE (math)


Grade 7 Math

Last week, groups completed their research and design stage for the bird feeders. The architects had to ensure that the blueprints (including dimensions) were completed by Friday. On Monday, students will be reviewing their blueprints and calculating the total area of wood required to build their bird house. On Tuesday, we will be completing a final assessment (SWYK) on 2D Measurement. Topics will include finding the perimeter and area of rectangles, parallelograms, triangles, and trapezoids as well as composite shapes. Students will be given a sheet of review questions to work on over the weekend. A new copy of this review can be downloaded HERE.

Students can find answers to Thursday’s practice questions and the review questions below:

  • Click HERE to see the answers to Thursday’s practice on Area of Composite Shapes
  • Click HERE to see the answers to the review questions

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, students will use their blueprints to construct a cardboard prototype of their bird feeder. Through this process, groups may consider making changes to their plan, adding and removing pieces of their feeder, and discovering things they may have not thought of initially. By Friday, each group should have a to-scale, working prototype and a new set of blueprints ready to go for the wood construction stage.

Grade 7 Science

This week is all about roller coasters. Student groups will be researching, designing and constructing a working marble roller coaster as their culminating task for the Form and Functions unit. The following is a list of requirements:

  1. Total track length must be over 1.25 m
  2. Tallest support tower must be built from popsicle sticks and be over 50 cm high
  3. Must include a minimum of 3 “cool” features (loops, jumps, tunnels, funnels, etc…)
  4. Must include a catchy name and have thematic features
  5. The marble must be able to travel from start to finish 5 times in a row (consistency)
  6. Must build your roller coaster so that it can be moved from place to place around the room. It should not be secured to walls or floors.

For a complete project breakdown (including timelines), check out the outline HERE.

Thanks to everyone who has sent in large pieces of styrofoam. Building starts on Tuesday!

For school-wide news, please check out the Trinity Weekly Newsletter HERE.