What’s up this Week (January 28-February 1)

We have officially reached the halfway point of our school year – crazy how fast things are moving along! Lots of things still left to complete for term one though. This upcoming week is a four day week with a uniquely placed PD Day on Wednesday.

Please see the list up upcoming dates as some have changed due to last week’s snow days:

  • January 28 – Index Card Bridge Lab DUE (7-10 only)
  • January 29 – Bird Feeder Group Templates DUE at end of class (math)
  • January 29 – Unit Test: Form and Function (science)
  • January 30 – PD Day (no classes)
  • January 31 – Final Day for Term One Math Reassessments
  • January 31 – Grade 6 Information Night @ 7:00 pm (Cafetorium)
  • February 5 – SWYK: Two-Dimensional Measurement (math)
  • February 5 – Roller Coaster Design DUE + Building Begins (science)
  • February 7 – Teams and Clubs Yearbook Photos
  • February 8 – Bird Feeder Prototypes and Modified Templates DUE (math)
  • February 13 – Final Roller Coaster Presentations DUE (science)
  • February 15 – Term One Report Cards Distributed (math)
  • February 18 – Family Day (no school)
  • February 21 – Parent-Teacher Interviews (early dismissal)
  • February 22 – Final Bird Feeder and Video DUE (math)


Grade 7 Math

Last Friday we launched the Bird Feeder project. Students will be researching, designing, and building working bird feeders that we will be auctioning off at the end of February. All proceeds from the auction will be donated to the Wild Bird Care Centre. For more details on this project, including general timelines and expectations, click HERE.

On Monday and Tuesday of the upcoming week, students groups will be finalizing their plan, constructing blueprints of all the required pieces and determining roles for each member in the group. On Thursday, we will be reviewing area formulas of basic shapes and applying this learning towards finding the area of composite shapes. This will be our final topic for the upcoming SWYK (February 5). On Friday, students will be returning to their bird feeder blueprints and will be determining the total area of wood required to construct their feeder.

Other than Thursday, there will be no paper-and-pencil practice for the students. I have posted two MathSpace tasks which I am hoping students can complete BEFORE this coming Thursday (they are all review topics from the last couple of weeks):

A third task (on finding the area of composite shapes will be posted next Friday for students to practice that skill as well in preparation for the SWYK.

Please note that this Thursday is the last day for students to write reassessments for math topics for term one. A reminder that students can only file for ONE reassessment per week.

Grade 7 Science

For 7-10, we will be completing a review on Monday (7-09 completed this last Friday) for the upcoming Unit Test. The test will be held on Tuesday, January 29. For more information on the test, please click HERE.

Then, we begin our final project in science for term one: Roller Coasters! We will begin the planning stage with 7-09 on Friday.

If anyone has large pieces of styrofoam, we would love to use them for the base of our coaster. To view the project outline, click HERE.

Attendance is Important 

Just a quick side note regarding attendance. It seems that attendance for some students is becoming rather inconsistent. I am not talking about students who miss a few days here and there because of illness but rather those that are moving into the double digit days of absenteeism.

Math moves fast and it is easy to fall behind. In science, we can not redo experiments and therefore if students accumulate too many missed assignments, I have no choice but to put an “I” (incomplete) on their report card since they haven’t actually completed the bulk of the course. We are trying our best to put as much as possible online to help keep students up to date but the learning is truly occurring in the classroom through inquiries, discussions and experiences.

A huge indicator for school (and future life) success is showing up to class. Parents, please help us help your child by getting them to bed at a decent time and making sure they get to school for class (at 8 am!). For those families who are taking vacation in the middle of the term, please make sure to follow the blog while away as to not fall behind.

Check out this article for some helpful tips. Thanks a lot for your support in this matter.


For school-wide news, please check out the Trinity Weekly Newsletter HERE.


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