What’s up this Week (January 21-25)

Happy freezing cold Monday! Lots of things happening over the next few weeks as we move towards the end of term one. This week we will be starting major projects in both science and math. These projects will act as culminating tasks for our final units in term one. Here is a rundown of some of the upcoming events and deadlines:

  • January 21 – Check In on Area and Perimeter of Geometric Shapes (math)
  • January 24 – Geoboard Shapes Assignment DUE (math)
  • January 24 – Grade 6 Information Night @ 7:00 pm (Cafetorium)
  • January 25 – Index Card Bridge Lab DUE (7-09)
  • January 28 – Index Card Bridge Lab DUE (7-10) – updated
  • January 28 – Bird Feeder Group Templates DUE (math)
  • January 29 – Unit Test: Form and Function (science)
  • January 30 – PD Day (no classes)
  • February 4 – SWYK: Two-Dimensional Measurement (math)
  • February 5 – Roller Coaster Design DUE + Building Begins (science)
  • February 7 – Bird Feeder Prototypes and Modified Templates DUE (math)
  • February 7 – Teams and Clubs Yearbook Photos
  • February 13 – Final Roller Coaster Presentations DUE (science)
  • February 15 – SWYK: Three-Dimensional Measurement (math)
  • February 15 – Term One Report Cards Distributed (math)
  • February 18 – Family Day (no school)
  • February 21 – Parent-Teacher Interviews (early dismissal)
  • February 22 – Final Bird Feeder and Video DUE (math)


Grade 7 Math

We spent last week reviewing area and perimeter of basic shapes (rectangles, parallelograms, triangles) as well as investigating how to determine the area of trapezoids. On Monday, students will be writing an informal check in on this concept. On Tuesday, students will be working on an in-class assignment on area. Wednesday and Thursday are the “big days” of the week as we are launching our major project: Bird Feeders. Students will be researching and designing working bird feeders. They will be going through the process of design, building prototypes, testing and reflecting and finally constructing a working feeder out of wood. We will be auctioning off our bird feeders at the end of February with the proceeds being donated towards the Ottawa Wild Bird Care Centre.

Note: I am aware that immersion students in 7-04/7-09 will away on a field trip on Tuesday. These students will be given the assignment on Monday in class and will be able to complete it at home.

Grade 7 Science

This week our focus will be on methods used to strengthen structures and structural components (e.g. trusses, arches, beams). This is the final topic before our unit test (next Tuesday, January 29). There will be more info posted in regards to the test later in the week. Here are some text and online resources that would be beneficial to the students to review:

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