Review Materials for Monday’s SWYK

This coming Monday, students will be writing their final SWYK for the Geometry Strand. The topics will include classifying, constructing and plotting quadrilaterals on a coordinate grid. Students have received three practice sheets to work on in class in order to prepare for the SWYK.

Since several students are going to be away on Friday, I am posting links to the resources as well as some answer keys to help support their learning at home over the weekend.

Resource #1: Classifying Quadrilaterals Worksheet

  • Download a new copy of the worksheet HERE.
  • Find a copy of the answer key HERE.

In class, we discussed the characteristics of each of the types of quadrilaterals (students made these figures on geoboards). We created a flow chart (which is on the wall in our classroom) to help sort the figures. Student should be able to classify a quadrilateral based on a diagram or description AND provide justification for their choice.


Resource #2: Constructing Quadrilaterals Worksheet

  • Download a new copy of the worksheet HERE.
  • Find a copy of the answer key HERE.

Earlier in the week, students completed a digital breakout activity which involve them using a ruler and protractor to construct a series of different triangles. In this resource, students have to use the characteristics to construct four different quadrilaterals. Since this concept is a little tricky, I have also created a video answer key that students are encouraged to watch either before, after or during completion of the task. I include some helpful tips in the video.


Resource #3: Plotting Quadrilaterals Practice

  • Download a new copy of the worksheet HERE.
  • Download the scavenger hunt clues HERE.
  • Download an answer key to the scavenger hunt HERE.

Today in class, students had a choice to complete the worksheets listed above and/or a scavenger hunt. The hunt involved students plotting points and then determine which quadrilateral was formed. Students who missed class today or who didn’t get a chance to complete the hunt should try it at home and compare their responses to the answer key (link is above).

ON the reverse of the scavenger hunt is a challenge question which involved plotting two points to combine the two points already on the grid to create a series of different shapes. This is a “mastery level” question and therefore, I have created an answer key video to help students out.

I realize that we are travelling at a pretty quick speed through these topics, so I am hoping that these resources will be helpful to students as they review the concepts this weekend.


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