What’s up this Week (January 7-11)

Welcome back! Hope everyone had a great break – I am so excited to see everyone again and jump back into our learning. There are still a couple more days left of holidays but I did want to send out the weekly agenda ahead of time so families could starting looking ahead to some of the upcoming dates:

  • January 8 – Dental Screening
  • January 9 – Skyscraper Task DUE (science)
  • January 9 – Formative “Check In” on Forces, Loads and Types of Structures (science)
  • January 11 – Seven Unique Classifications Assignment DUE (math)
  • January 14 – SWYK: Quadrilaterals and Coordinates (math)
  • January 14 to 18 – Jungle Sport (Phys Ed)
  • January 24 – Geoboard Shapes Assignment DUE (math)
  • January 28 – Bird Feeder Group Templates DUE (math)
  • January 29 – Unit Test: Form and Function (science)
  • February 4 – SWYK: Two-Dimensional Measurement (math)


Grade 7 Math

This week, we will be finishing off the Geometry unit. Our focus this week will be classifying and constructing triangles and quadrilaterals. When constructing shapes, we will be doing so on both the coordinate grid and on blank paper (using a ruler and protractor). Every topic discussed is a review from grade 5 and 6 but we will be increasing the complexity of the problems and including negative coordinates. Students will be starting an in-class assignment on Tuesday which focuses on the types of triangles. Students will be writing a SWYK next Monday (January 14) on Quadrilaterals and Coordinates. Two new tasks are being released on Math Space. Furthermore, students looking for additional reinforcement can check out the following:

Grade 7 Science

Before the break, we discussed types of structures (solid, shell and framed) as well as external and internal forces and loads. This week, we will be reviewing these concepts and completing a online simulation involving building and testing a Skyscraper. Students will also be completing an informal assessment on these topics (this is not something that would be counted towards their report card but rather will be used to provide feedback and identify topics with which students should seek clarification).

Students looking for some resources to review these topics should check out the following:

For school-wide announcements check out the weekly newsletter HERE.

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