What’s up this Week (Dec 17-21)

Last week of school for 2018! The students are working so hard leading up to the break – I am so impressed with their ability to continue to focus and complete quality work (especially with Christmas in the air). I am hoping that they continue to push for a few more days so that we can complete our tasks and therefore be able to truly take a break (and start with new topics in 2019).

Here are the last few important dates for 2018:

  • December 17 – Tower of Terror Analysis DUE (7-10 science)
  • December 18 – Tower of Terror Analysis DUE (7-09 science)
  • December 19 – SWYK: Geometric Constructions (math)
  • December 20 – Movie at Landmark Cinemas


Grade 7 Math

This week, we are finishing up a few of the geometry concepts: specifically lines and angles. On Wednesday, students will be writing a SWYK on Geometric Constructions. Topics include constructing intersecting lines, parallel lines, and perpendicular lines through a specific point. Constructing perpendicular and angle bisectors will also be on the SWYK. There is one mastery level question that involves angle relationships (supplementary, complementary, opposite angles).

Today, students received a package of review questions and we given the entire class to work. I was available for those wanting to clarify any of the topics 1-on-1. Students who were absent or lost their review questions can download a new one HERE.

Once students complete the review, they are highly encouraged to compare their answers to the answer key. Students looking for a “how to” tutorial for the construction portion of the review can watch the answer key video:

A reminder that students can access tutorial videos on all of the techniques using the Constructions Padlet from class.

On Thursday and Friday, we will be playing around with coordinate grids. Students looking for some additional practice on this concept can check out the following:

Grade 7 Science

This week we are focusing on types of structures as well as the external and internal forces and loads that impact structural integrity. We have been using simulations from the OERB (Ontario Education Resource Bank) to help with our investigation of these topics.

Student login information for the OERB can be found in the student portal under “Software Links and Passwords“.

Here are some resources that students can use at home to reinforce the concepts from class (note that I definitely do NOT expect students to get through these resources this week, but the below may be helpful to kids when they are making their summary sheet):

Classifying Structures




For school-wide news, check out the Holy Trinity weekly newsletter HERE. Wishing all of my students are their families and safe and relaxing break. Enjoy spending time with friends and family! See you in 2019.

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