Homework for the Weekend

As we are trying to finish up things before the break, some students will need to play catch up this weekend.

In math, we have been working on Geometry concepts (lines and angles) over the past week and have recently been working on constructions using a ruler and compass. The SWYK on this material will be next Wednesday.

By Monday’s class, students should have completed the following:

  • Intersecting Lines Worksheet (assigned last Tuesday)
  • Checked their answers for the Intersecting Lines worksheet with the online answer key
  • Practiced completing the following constructions (video tutorials can be found HERE and students can print out the package HERE):
    • Perpendicular bisectors
    • Perpendicular lines through a point on the line
    • Perpendicular lines through a point off the line
    • Angle bisectors
  • MathSpace Tasks (optional)
    • Angles at a Point
    • Complementary and Supplementary Angles

For science, students were working on a reflection on the Tower of Terror activity. Many students already handed this in but since they worked so well during class time, I am extending the deadline until Monday (for 7-10) and Tuesday (for 7-09). Students can download a new copy HERE or use this electronic version (if using electronic, they will need to make a copy and share it with me).

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