SWYK: Solving Algebraic Equations (tomorrow)

I just wanted to send out another (more detailed) reminder of tomorrow’s math assessment on Solving Algebraic Equations. Topics include solving one- and two-step equations by inspection, guess and check, and inverse operations. There are a few challenge and word problems as well.

To help students prepare for this summative assessment, today in class students received a package of review questions and were given the period to work on them.

For those who would like another copy or lost their copy from today, a new copy of the review can be found HERE.

I am hoping that all students will have a chance to complete (and check their answers) to at a minimum, questions 1, 2, 3, 5 and 8. These questions constitute the “has it” questions. Students looking to go for proficiency or mastery should also try the other questions on the review. Answers to all of the review questions can be found in this document or in the video answer key (below):

Students that are away for this assessment will be writing it at lunch on Monday, December 10.






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