What’s up this Week (Dec 3-7)

December is here and that means only three weeks left before the holidays. We will be working hard until the end of December in order to finish up our Algebra unit and a mini-unit on lines, angles, and geometric constructions. If families are planning on starting their holidays a little earlier, they are encouraged to continue following the blog posts to see what is happening and (hopefully) stay up with things.

Here is a list of upcoming dates and events:

  • December 1 – Bread Mold Lab (DUE) for 7-10 science students
  • December 3 – Check In on Solving One-Step Algebraic Equations (math)
  • December 4 – Bread Mold Lab (DUE) for 7-09 science students
  • December 7 – SWYK: Solving Algebraic Equations (math)
  • December 18 – SWYK: Geometric Constructions (math)
  • December 20 – Movie at Landmark Cinemas


Grade 7 Math
Please note that the SWYKs from last week have been marked but are not being handed back until all students have had a chance to write. All marks are posted in student’s online assessment trackers in case they are interested.

Our focus for the latter half of the past week and the upcoming week is solving one- and two-step algebraic equations using inspection and inverse operations (with a focus on the balance model). As we have already covered one-step equations, on Monday, students will write a short “Check In” so that I can make sure that students are getting the concept before moving on. Students were given a practice sheet to complete over the weekend for homework. Some additional resources on this topic can be found below:

Next week, we will be solving two-step equations using inverse operations and SAMDEB (order of operations in reverse). The SWYK next Friday will involve solving equations by inspection and using inverse operations. It will also involve word problems where students must create a formula and then use their formula to solve the problem.

For example:

The sum of two numbers is 100. One number is 64 more than the other number. What are the two numbers? Create an algebraic equation to help you solve the problem.

This topic can be a tricky one so we will be devoting our class time to developing methods to solve these problems as well as practicing the basic procedures. Students looking for some additional reinforcement for these topics can check out the following:

Grade 7 Science
With the completion of the end-of-unit SWYK and the Bread Mold lab, we have completed our unit on “Interactions within Ecosystems”. The students worked incredibly hard on these last two assessments and I am so proud of them. I have a little reward in store 🙂

We are also going to take our foot off the gas so that students can focus their energy on the math.

Our next unit is called “Form and Function”. It is related to the balance between the appearance of a structure and the purpose of a structure. For example, a chair may be really cool to look at but super uncomfortable.  We will also be exploring the forces (both external and internal) and loads (both static and dynamic) that impact the success of a structure. Although we will be dipping our toes into this unit, we really won’t get into the meat of the content until after the break.

Those who want to check out some of the topics and the final project can visit the unit page HERE.

For school-wide announcements (including more info on the Movie Day and on some school fundraisers and initiatives), check out the Weekly Trinity Newsletter HERE.

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