What’s up this Week (Nov 19-23)

Am I the only one that put on Christmas music while cooking supper? Loving the snow right now! Busy week coming up as we are finishing up our first science unit, completing the final section of the math project, and parent-teacher interviews are (finally) here.

Speaking of interviews, although all of my time slots are filled, I am certainly willing to stay a bit later or cut my supper shorter in order to make sure that parents can meet with me if they want. Also, for those not able to attend but wanting to check in, feel free to send an email anytime!

I am shifting a few deadlines around in order to allow more time for students to complete them with quality as we lost a few classes last week due to assemblies.

Here is an updated list of upcoming due dates and events:

  • November 19 – Mystery Number Project Parts #2 and 3 DUE (math)
  • November 21 – SWYK: Food Webs (7-10 science only) – find more info HERE
  • November 22 – Check In: Evaluating Algebraic Expressions and Formulas (math)
  • November 22 – Early Dismissal @ 1:20 p.m. (7-12)
  • November 22 – Parent-Teacher Interviews, starting @ 2:00 pm
  • November 23 – SWYK: Food Webs (7-04/7-09 science only) – find more info HERE
  • November 26 – SWYK: Writing and Evaluating Algebraic Expressions (math)
  • November 28 – Bread Mold Lab (DUE)


Grade 7 Math
Last week, the focus was on writing algebraic expressions and equations and translating these to written statements. For example, n + 2 = 5 can be written as “the sum of a number and two is five”. Students completed a quick check in on these topics and began an assignment entitled “Mystery Numbers“. Although Parts 1-3 of this assignment were due last Thursday, due to some interruptions in our schedule, I am extending the deadline to Monday. Any student who has not completed Parts 1 through 3 on the online document that was shared with them via email and is in their Math folder (in google drive), should be doing so this weekend.

Next week, we shift to evaluating expressions by substituting numerical values in for the variables.

For example:

Evaluate 3m + 2n where m = 4 and n = 3

= 3m + 2n
= 3(4) + 2(3)
= 12 + 6
= 18

We will also be solving algebraic word problems and learning about checking the left side (LS) and right side (RS) of an equation to see if the value for each variable is correct. Finally, students will be finishing up the final portion of the assignment (it will be due Friday).

Two new math space tasks on substituting into algebraic expression will be released on Sunday and Wednesday of this week.

Students looking for some additional resources to clarify or reinforce their learning at home can check out the following:

Grade 7 Science
Originally, we were going to finish up our bread mold lab early this week, but I want to take some extra class time to review the concepts from the second half of the unit. As our end-unit test is this week (Wednesday for 7-10 and Friday for 7-09), I think that by taking this extra time, students will be more confident going into the test. We will finish up our bread mold labs next week.

I already posted a bunch of information for the upcoming test HERE. Students should be familiar with all of the terms and concepts listed of the test outline page.

For school-wide news, please check out the Trinity weekly newsletter HERE or following the Holy Trinity Parent Council on Facebook HERE.

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