What’s up this Week (October 29-November 2)

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…” WHAT?! A reminder that this week is Halloween (not Christmas) Spirit Week.

Halloween Spirit Week:

  • MONDAY = Canada D’eh (So your Canadian Pride)
  • TUESDAY = Crocs and Crazy Socks Day
  • WEDNESDAY = Halloween! (Wear your costume – no masks please)
  • THURSDAY = Comfy Cozy Day (dress for some rest)
  • FRIDAY = Superfan Friday

In addition to spirit week, there are lots of other things happening in our school. Here is a list of events and test/due dates for the upcoming weeks:

  • October 29 – Check In (Adding Integers)
  • October 29 – All Stock Market Data DUE (should be in online doc)
  • October 31 – Charity Cake Auction
  • October 31 – Halloween Costume Contest and Dance (Periods 5 and 6)
  • November 1 – Progress Report Cards Issued
  • November 2 – Stock Market Portfolio DUE
  • November 6 – SWYK (Adding and Subtracting Integers) – updated
  • November 7 – Ottawa 67s Game!


Grade 7 Math
We are entering our third (and final) week of the integers unit. Last week, our focus was on adding integers. On Monday, students will be writing a quick formative “check-in” on adding so that I can ensure they are demonstrating a basic understanding before we move on. Also on Monday, we will be discussing the final components of the Stock Market Project. Students NEED to have all of their stock data tables completed before Monday’s class as we will be learning how to create graphs using google sheets. Stock Market Portfolios will be due at the end of the day on Friday.

Our curriculum focus this week is on Subtracting Integers. We will be working on this concept in class on Tuesday and Thursday and then reviewing both adding and subtracting on Friday is preparation for our final SWYK next Monday (November 5). There are THREE new MathSpace tasks on Adding and Subtracting Integers that are being released today. Also, students looking for some additional reinforcement can check out the following links on subtracting integers:

Grade 7 Science
With the completion of our mid-unit tests last week (all assessments are being sent home on Tuesday for parents to see), we are now into the second half of our ecosystems unit. This portion is focused on feeding relationships (food webs). Students are HIGHLY encouraged to review the following material in preparation for our discussions this week:

A reminder that progress reports are being distributed this Thursday. Parent-teacher interviews will be held on November 22.

For more school-wide news, check out the Weekly Trinity Newsletter HERE.

What’s up this Week (October 22-26)

Stock markets, science tests and picture retakes – that is the week in a nutshell. Lots of information has been posted online in regards to resources for math and science. Please note the following important dates:

  • October 23 – Ecology Chapter Test (science) – more details in this post
  • October 23 – SWYK on Representing and Comparing Integers
  • October 24 – School Photo Retake Day
  • October 31 – Charity Cake Auction
  • November 1 – Progress Report Cards Issued
  • November 7 – Ottawa 67s Game!


Grade 7 Math
Last week, we started to investigate integers. We plotted them on number lines, represented scenarios as integers (e.g. a deposit of $50 = +50), and compared and ordered integers. On Monday, we will be completing some challenges related to these topics and on Tuesday students will be writing a short SWYK.  There are several practice games and quizzes available in the stock market workspace for kids to practice over the weekend.

Also, last week we started our major project: Stock Portfolios. Each student created an investment portfolio and invested anywhere from $6000-10000 in three companies. Students had to do some preliminary research on the past stock trends on the companies and determine how many shares to buy as part of their investment. All shares were purchased based on the closing cost from Friday, October 12. For more information on this project, check out the Project Outline HERE.

For students at home, they should be completing the following tasks at some point over the week:

  • completing the MathSpace Tasks that have been assigned (Representing and Comparing Integers)
  • tracking the closing costs of their stocks daily (these are all posted on twitter each evening)
  • if they have not done well in a previous skill that has being assessed (e.g. multiples, powers, order of operations), they are encouraged to work at home (or during extra help sessions at school) to improve their understanding (then they can then submit a reassessment request)

Grade 7 Science
On Tuesday, students will be writing their mid-unit test (see this post for details). In the latter half of the week, we will be using microscopes to see if we can find any microorganisms in the samples of pond water we brought back from our pond study.

Also, (providing all students are present for the test on Tuesday) I will be handing back all of their marked assessments (labs, tests) back along with a mid-unit grade report (I will be basing my progress report evaluation on this data).

We will be starting the second half our our unit (focus will be on feeding relationships and food webs) next week.

For school-wide announcements (including more info on immunizations), check out the Trinity Weekly News HERE.

What’s up this Week (15-19)

I am sending out this post a little earlier than normal since there are components that should be completed this weekend. With progress reports looming on the horizon (distribution on November 1), teachers are finishing up some final evaluations and therefore I recognize that this can be a stressful time for students. I have moved the math SWYK and the science test back to give students more time and I encourage students to continue to be open with me in regards to their workload. I am definitely open to moving some of my deadlines if they feel swamped in their other classes!

Here is a list of upcoming dates:

Upcoming Events and Dates

  • October 15 – SWYK: Order of Operations (math) – more details below
  • October 16 – Ecology Check In (practice test = formative)
  • October 17 – “Oh Deer” assignment DUE (science) – more details below
  • October 17 to 19 – 7/8 Immunizations
  • October 23 – Ecology Chapter Test (science) – more details in this post
  • October 24 – School Photo Retake Day
  • October 31 – Charity Cake Auction
  • November 1 – Progress Report Cards Issued
  • November 7 – Ottawa 67s Game!


Grade 7 Math
A reminder that on Monday, students will be writing their SWYK on Order of Operations. Last week, I handed out a practice sheet which students are HIGHLY encouraged to take the time to complete. If students were absent or lost their copy, they can download a new one HERE. Once students complete the practice sheet, they should take some time to watch the video answer key to clarify any misunderstandings. I think that it might also be helpful to watch someone else go through the problems. The SWYK is almost identical to this practice.

Next week, we will be starting our unit on Integers. To get us going, students will be setting up stock portfolios. Each student will be “investing” and following three companies over the next two weeks (more info to follow in a separate post) in order to determine their overall profit/loss of their portfolio.

This week, we will be defining, identifying, and comparing integers with and without a number line. This is the first time that Integers are being formally introduced so we will be going slow at the start. The following are some additional resources that students can use at home to reinforce/clarify concepts on this week’s topics:

Grade 7 Science
We are coming to the halfway point of our Ecology unit and that means it is time for students to “Show What they Know”! On Tuesday, September 23, students will be writing a test on the content covered so far in science. Students can find much more info on the test HERE. In order to help students prepare, students will be writing a shorter practice test this Wednesday. I want students to experience a “high school” science test – one that doesn’t “count” – so that they have a better idea of what I expect. We will also be going through a review of all content and I am hoping to introduce some new ways that students can organize their work and prepare for writing tests.

In addition to preparing for the test, students will also be finishing the analysis for the “Oh Deer” simulation we started last week.

Students will be graphing the population of “deer” over the 14 seasons and then completing some discussion questions. I am giving students an entire period to work on this in class (I feel as though this should be enough time to complete the entire assignment but students who did not finish will have to complete it at home). 7-09 worked on this last Friday and should be finishing up the assignment this weekend. 7-10 will be working on this Monday in class. For now, I have set the deadline for this task as Tuesday, October 16. Students can download a new blank copy of the assignment HERE (but they will have to get the results from a classmate).

For school-wide announcements (including more info on immunizations), check out the Trinity Weekly News HERE.

Mid-Unit Ecology Test

In grade 7 science, we have made it to the halfway point in our unit on Interactions within Ecosystems. Students will be writing a test on Tuesday, October 23. Although it is still over a week away, I want to give plenty of warning ahead of time so that students can be adequately prepared.

Last week, students completed an online practice quiz on many of the topics. If students want to complete this online practice again they can do so by clicking HERE (game code is 516823).

Next Tuesday, students will be writing a mock test (which I will mark and get back to them the following class) so they can see what a science test looks like and get a sense of what they know (and what they don’t know) heading into the next weekend. Friday (7-09)/Monday (7-10) in class, we will be also be completing an additional review but there is still lots of studying that the students can be doing at their homes in preparation for this test.

There are several terms to know for this test. Students should be able to identify and explain each term listed below. Students have been adding notes into their science notebooks which include much of the required information (they can use these notebooks on the test too!) but I also want to direct students to the following text and online links that will be helpful in review:

Here is a rundown of the test and the concepts that students should know before writing:


Part A (Knowledge and Understanding)

  • True or False (7 questions)
  • Multiple Choice (8 questions)
  • Matching (5 questions)

Part B (Communication)

  • Paragraph answers (3 questions)

Part C (Making Connections/Applications)

  • Determining population amount (1 question)
  • Graphical analysis (1 question)


1) Identifying abiotic and biotic factors in an ecosystem

  • Terminology: biology, ecology, ecosystem, abiotic, biotic
  • Concept: Identify items as abiotic or biotic and justify the choice
  • Example Question: Give two examples of biotic factors and two examples of abiotic factors seen in the picture. Explain your choices.

2) Organization of living things

  • Terminology: organism, species, population, community, ecosystem, habitat
  • Concept: Know how an ecosystem is organized


  • Example Question: Explain why a pond could be considered an ecosystem. List some of the different populations found at the pond.

3) Limiting factors in ecosystems

  • Terminology: Immigration, Emigration, Predator, Prey, Competition, Mutualism, Carrying Capacity, Limiting Factor
  • Concept: Calculating population rate
  • Concept: Identify, list and explain several different abiotic (e.g. amount of sunlight) and biotic (e.g. competition) factors that limit the growth of a population
  • Example Question: The amount of rabbits (prey) in an area increases. What do you think will happen to the population of foxes (predator) in the same area? Explain.
  • Example Question: The population of mice in a barn is 40. Over the winter 3 mice immigrate, 4 die, 3 are born, and 1 emigrate, what is the new population?
  • Example Question: Choose which graph best represents each scenario… explain your choices.
    • Scenario 1 = There were 3 cold springs in a row
    • Scenario 2 = There were 3 hot summers in a row


Students will have the entire 50-minute block to write the test and can use their science notebooks while writing.

Looking for more clarification? Check out the Ecosystems page on the blog.


What’s up this Week (Oct 8-12)

On Friday, the staff of the OCSB attended Christian Community Day which is a day where our community comes together to learn and connect. David Wells (one of the speakers) said to “stay close to your joy and you shall find justice” and “give your children a memory of you smiling”. I am hoping that everyone finds the time to be present and engaged with those people and activities that bring them joy. Happy Thanksgiving.

Upcoming Events and Dates

  • October 8 – Thanksgiving Monday (no school)
  • October 12 – SWYK: Order of Operations (math)
  • October 16 – “Oh Deer” assignment DUE (science)
  • October 17 to 19 – 7/8 Immunizations
  • October 17 – Ecology Chapter Test (science)
  • October 24 – School Photo Retake Day
  • October 31 – Charity Cake Auction
  • November 1 – Progress Report Cards Issued


Grade 7 Math
The focus this week is on Order of Operations. Students should be able to evaluate expressions that involve brackets, exponents and roots, and all four operations (+, -, x, and ÷). Students will have a SWYK on Order of Operations this Friday. This will conclude the first math unit (Number Theory). I should have the marks up by the end of the day today for those interested in how they did on last week’s SWYK on Powers and Roots. Students are invited to start requesting re-assessments on multiples, factors, powers and/or squares and roots.

There will be two tasks released tonight on Order of Operations. Furthermore, for students wanting some additional reinforcement, they can check out the following links:

Grade 7 Science
This week we will continue to discuss the different abiotic and biotic factors which may limit the growth of a population. Students will be completing online simulations of a rabbit population over time as well as participating as deer in an activity entitled “Oh Deer”. This activity will be started this week and will be due next Tuesday (Oct 16). Students should also be aware that on Wednesday, October 17, they will be writing their chapter test on ecology. Topics will include factors that make up an ecosystem, the organization of ecosystems, and the impact of certain factors on populations within ecosystems.

Here are some online resources that students can check out to reinforce their learnign in class:

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