What’s up this Week (Oct 1-5)

Happy Friday everyone! What a great showing for our Terry Fox fundraising this year! Over $50 000 raised – thank you so much for your generous support towards this charity. I am posting the What’s up post a little early so that students can take advantage of the weekend to get some things done. There is lots of important things happening in math and science next week so please take the time to read the following and share with your child.

Upcoming Events and Dates

  • October 2 – Yeast Lab DUE (science)
  • October 3 – Opening Liturgies
  • October 3 – Field Trip to the Pond (science) – weather dependent
  • October 4 – SWYK: Powers, Squares and Roots (math) – updated
  • October 5 – PD Day (no classes)
  • October 8 – Thanksgiving Monday (no school)
  • October 11 – SWYK: Order of Operations (math)


Grade 7 Math
Last week, we discussed exponents, squares and roots. Students should have completed online practice (Mathspace) on these topics. Another task on Square Roots has been released on Mathspace and students should complete it over the weekend in preparation for Monday’s class. Some additional paper-and-pencil practice was assigned to be completed this weekend. If students lost their sheet or were not in class on Thursday, they can download a new one HERE. An answer key to this work can be found on our class twitter account.

Next week, we will be digging deeper into powers, squares and roots so I am hoping that all students have a good understanding of the basics so that we can start solving some more complex problems. A SWYK on these topics has been scheduled on Thursday, October 4 (note: students will NOT be able to use a calculator on this assessment; they can use a multiplication chart if needed).

Students looking for some additional support are encouraged to check out the following:

Grade 7 Science
Last week, we explored the question “Is Yeast Alive?”. Student lab group explored how yeast reacted in three different environments and then compared their observations to some characteristic of living things.

The yeast lab is DUE at the beginning of class next week. Students should have completed the hypothesis and observations portions in class and will have to complete the conclusion and analysis at home. If students lost (or left their copy at school), they can download a new copy HERE.

This coming week, we will be continuing with our exploration of abiotic and biotic interactions. This week, students will be learning about the organization of an ecosystem from a single organism to a larger biome. On Wednesday (weather-permitting), we plan to walk to a nearby pond to make some observations regarding soil and water as well as some of the biotic life that helps the pond ecosystem function. Since we are leaving school property, students need to fill out a permission form (it was handed out Thursday but you can download another one HERE).

If students did not get to the online content last week, I am posting the same links as reinforcement for this week’s topics. All students should take some time to view/read the content in order to prepare for the week’s activities and discussions.

Other Announcements

For more general school-wide news, please check the written announcements HERE.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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