What’s Up This Week (Sept 10-14)

I hope everyone has a restful weekend ahead of them after our first week back to school. After meeting all of my students, I am so excited to spend the year learning with them.

Every week, I will be posting a “What’s up this week” post which will outline the academic topics we plan to cover and any special dates (tests, deadlines). I will also try to highlight some of the 7/8 activities at Trinity.

The most important “school event” this week is Meet the Teacher which will be held on Thursday, September 13 from 5:30-7:00 pm.


Grade 7 Math
Last week, we began began our first unit: Number Theory. Last week out focus was on multiples and LCM (lowest common multiple). Students began (and have been asked to complete at home) a worksheet on these topics. Students who have misplaced their copy can download a new one HERE. If students have any problems with the homework, they are encouraged to check out the video answer key below:

Students looking for some further reinforcement on these topics are encouraged to check out the following online resources at home:

On Monday, students will be writing a short “Check In” assessment on multiples and LCM.

For the remainder of the week, we will be exploring factors. Throughout the week, I am encouraging students to check out the following links to help reinforce/clarify the topics we cover in class.

Grade 7 Science
This week, we will continue our discussions about the scientific method and experimentation. Student groups will be designing their own tests for an inquiry entitled “Which Paper Towel is the Best Value”. Students will have to decide what “value” means and then design experiments to test the strength and absorbency of four different brands of paper towel.

Sports and Clubs

There are LOTS of fall sports that will be up an running soon and students should note the tryout dates and ensure they have organized rides for after school if they plan on attending.

Girls Soccer Tryouts

7/8 Girls soccer tryouts will be held on Monday, September 10 and Tuesday, September 11 at 2:20 (meet in the gym).  See Mme. Bernier for more information.

Boys Soccer Tryouts

7/8 Boys soccer tryouts will be held on Wednesday, September 12 and Thursday, September 13 at 2:20 (meet in the gym).  See Mme. Bernier for more information.

Gaelic Football

Grade 7 and 8 Boys and Girls Gaelic Football is coming to Holy Trinity.  If you are interested in playing, please attend a meeting at 7/8 lunch on Friday, September 14 in room 312.  See Mme. VanBrabant or Mr. Mostrey for more information.

Cross Country Running

Grade 7 and 8 Cross Country Running starts this week.  There will be a meeting on Monday, September 10 at lunch in room 312.  First practice will be Wednesday, September 12 at 7:10 a.m. See Mme. VanBrabant or Ms. Marshall for more information.

Concert Band

7/8 Concert Band begins this week! Students should get a sign-up package from Mr. Leury in Room 115. No experience necessary. Rehearsals will be Wednesday afternoons from 2:15 – 4:00 for the whole year. An advanced band may run on Mondays from 2:15 – 4:00.

Students should keep their ears open for announcements regarding the following:

  • Golf Team – Tournament September 19
  • Girls Soccer Team – Tournament September 19
  • Boys Soccer Team – Tournament September 21
  • Co-Ed Ultimate – Tournament September 27
  • Girls & Boys Gaelic Football – Tournament October 2
  • Girls Flag Rugby – Tournament October 3
  • Boys Flag Rugby – Tournament October 4
  • Cross-Country Running – Meet October 10
  • Girls Volleyball – Season begins October 15
  • Boys Volleyball –  Season begins October 15


For more general school-wide news, please check the written announcements HERE.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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