What’s up this Week (October 21-25)

What a beautiful weekend! Hope everyone had a chance to get outside and enjoy the amazing leaves – I love fall!

We are in the middle of a few projects right now: The Global Read Aloud (English) and the Stock Market Portfolio (Math). I am hoping that students have been sharing some insight into these projects with their families.

Here are some upcoming events and important dates that are coming up soon:

  • October 22 = SWYK: Representing and Comparing Integers (math)
  • October 23 = Photo Retake Day
  • October 28 = All Stock Data must be complete (math)
  • November 1 = Progress Reports Distributed
  • November 1 = Stock Market Portfolio Project DUE (math)
  • November 7 = Early dismissal @ 1:20 pm (all grades)
  • November 7 = Parent-Teacher Interviews (7-8) starting @ 2:00 pm
  • November 11 = Remembrance Day Assemblies
  • November 15 = PD Day


Last week, we started our unit on integers. So far we have discussed number lines and the coordinate grid, words representing positive and negative, opposites, and comparing integers. Students should have been working on some MathSpace activities to help reinforce their learning from class. On Monday, we will be doing a challenge problem on the same topic and handing out a review for the SWYK on Tuesday. Following Tuesday’s assessment, we will be starting to discuss adding integers. Students are encouraged to use the resources in the student Workspace (Goal #1 and 2 for the SWYK; Goal #3 for adding) to help clarify and extend their learning at home.

In addition to the coursework, students are also working on a project involving the Stock Market. Each student had to choose 3 companies to invest in. They had to invest between $7000-10000 in total. We will be tracking the ups and downs of their companies over a two week period and then will be “selling” our shares and determining the profit/loss that was obtained. For more information on the project, students should check out the resources in the Workspace and/or consult the project outline HERE. The project in its entirety will be due on Friday, November 1.


We will be continue with our Global Read Aloud of the book “The Bridge Home”. Our goal by the end of the week is to have read up to Chapter 30, comment on the FlipGrid reflection videos created by our partner class in Chicago, and once again connect with our partner class in Brazil. The GRA will continue to be our focus for the next couple of weeks.


We will be finishing up our unit on digital citizenship and discussing ways on how we can establish a positive reputation online. Mr. O’Neill will be continue to teach this unit for the next couple of weeks.


With the completion of our mid-unit test we are now moving onto our next large goal in science (Goal #3 in the science workspace). The focus will be shifting to feeding relationships, food chains and webs and how the decline in the population of one organism throws the entire web off balance.

For school-wide announcements (including information regarding the Yearbook), check out the Trinity weekly newsletter HERE.

Mid-Unit Ecology Test

In grade 7 science, we have made it to the halfway point in our unit on Interactions within Ecosystems. Students will be writing a test on Tuesday, October 23. Although it is still over a week away, I want to give plenty of warning ahead of time so that students can be adequately prepared.

Last week, students completed an online practice quiz on many of the topics. If students want to complete this online practice again they can do so by clicking HERE (game code is 516823).

Next Tuesday, students will be writing a mock test (which I will mark and get back to them the following class) so they can see what a science test looks like and get a sense of what they know (and what they don’t know) heading into the next weekend. Friday (7-09)/Monday (7-10) in class, we will be also be completing an additional review but there is still lots of studying that the students can be doing at their homes in preparation for this test.

There are several terms to know for this test. Students should be able to identify and explain each term listed below. Students have been adding notes into their science notebooks which include much of the required information (they can use these notebooks on the test too!) but I also want to direct students to the following text and online links that will be helpful in review:

Here is a rundown of the test and the concepts that students should know before writing:


Part A (Knowledge and Understanding)

  • True or False (7 questions)
  • Multiple Choice (8 questions)
  • Matching (5 questions)

Part B (Communication)

  • Paragraph answers (3 questions)

Part C (Making Connections/Applications)

  • Determining population amount (1 question)
  • Graphical analysis (1 question)


1) Identifying abiotic and biotic factors in an ecosystem

  • Terminology: biology, ecology, ecosystem, abiotic, biotic
  • Concept: Identify items as abiotic or biotic and justify the choice
  • Example Question: Give two examples of biotic factors and two examples of abiotic factors seen in the picture. Explain your choices.

2) Organization of living things

  • Terminology: organism, species, population, community, ecosystem, habitat
  • Concept: Know how an ecosystem is organized


  • Example Question: Explain why a pond could be considered an ecosystem. List some of the different populations found at the pond.

3) Limiting factors in ecosystems

  • Terminology: Immigration, Emigration, Predator, Prey, Competition, Mutualism, Carrying Capacity, Limiting Factor
  • Concept: Calculating population rate
  • Concept: Identify, list and explain several different abiotic (e.g. amount of sunlight) and biotic (e.g. competition) factors that limit the growth of a population
  • Example Question: The amount of rabbits (prey) in an area increases. What do you think will happen to the population of foxes (predator) in the same area? Explain.
  • Example Question: The population of mice in a barn is 40. Over the winter 3 mice immigrate, 4 die, 3 are born, and 1 emigrate, what is the new population?
  • Example Question: Choose which graph best represents each scenario… explain your choices.
    • Scenario 1 = There were 3 cold springs in a row
    • Scenario 2 = There were 3 hot summers in a row


Students will have the entire 50-minute block to write the test and can use their science notebooks while writing.

Looking for more clarification? Check out the Ecosystems page on the blog.


What’s up this Week (October 7-11)

WOW – what a fantastic job fundraising! 7-11 raised over $700! Holy Trinity raised over $51 000 (and counting!). Holy Trinity has been top three in the province for the past several years and I expect to have a similar result this year. Thanks to all who took the time to collect pledges, donate money, and support the cause.

Before I start into the rundown for next week, it should be noted that there is a chance that the ongoing labour dispute between the Government and CUPE may not be resolved by Monday, therefore effectively closing the school to students. I (and the school) will try to keep everyone informed as things progress.

Hopefully, everything will be resolved and it will be business as usual on Monday. In this case, here is a overview of the upcoming test and event dates in the next few weeks:

  • October 9 = Concept Check: Ecosystems (Science)
  • October 10 = SWYK: Order of Operations (Math)
  • October 11 = PD Day (no classes)
  • October 14 = Thanksgiving Monday (no classes)
  • October 15-17 = Immunizations
  • October 16 = Oh Deer Assignment DUE (Science)
  • October 17 = Early Dismissal (1:20 pm)
  • October 23 = Photo Retake Day
  • November 1 = Progress Reports Distributed


On Wednesday, we took two periods to review the Order of Operations. Our focus was on why the operations are completed in this order. Students (and parents) may be familiar with BEDMAS as a way to remember the order. We are introducing a modified version of this called GEMS. The reason for this is that in BEDMAS, students often give priority to division (D) over multiplication (M) and addition (A) or subtraction (S) since that is the way they are presented in BEDMAS.

Next week, we will be digging deeper into the order in which we evaluate expressions. Students will be writing a SWYK (assessment) this Thursday on the topic. We are pushing to finish up this first math unit before Thanksgiving so that we can start a new unit when we return from the long weekend. Students looking to reinforce (or clarify) their learning in class can check out Stage #5 in the student workspace.

Last week, we started reading our book for the Global Read Aloud. We got through the first four chapters (for those reading along with us at home). On MOnday, the plan is to finish up to the end of Chapter 7 and then pause to give time for students to reflect and answer some discussion questions. We will be linking up with a school in Chicago via KidBlog and will be chatting online (via Skype) with a class in Sao Paulo (Brazil) about our thoughts about, predictions for, and connections to the book so far. If time permits, we will be continue on in the book (the goal for Week #2 is Chapters 8-14).

In addition to our focus on the GRA, students will be providing constructive feedback to each other’s 100WC posts from last week.

Our religion curriculum will be interwoven with our English novel study. We will continue to focus on community and our judgement of others through the lens of “kindness and mercy”.


On Monday, students will be completed an online simulation (gizmo) involving a rabbit population in order to explore the possible factors which limit its growth. On Tuesday, we will be reviewing the topics discussed so far in preparation for the mid-unit test on Wednesday. Tentatively, the test is scheduled for Wednesday in hopes to wrap things up before Thanksgiving but if I feel as though the students are not ready to write, I will be postponing the assessment until after the long weekend.

For school-wide announcements (including information regarding the Yearbook), check out the Trinity weekly newsletter HERE.

What’s up this Week (September 30-October 4)

Happy October everyone! I was away from class on Friday and Monday so am looking forward to jumping back into the learning with my 7-11 family!

Lots of events happening this week including the Terry Fox run this Friday.
Please note the following important dates:

  • September 30 = Orange Shirt Day
  • October 1 = Opening Liturgies
  • October 1 = GRA Launch!!! (English)
  • October 2 = SWYK: Powers and Roots (Math)
  • October 4 = 100WC #3 DUE (English)
  • October 4 = Terry Fox Run
  • October 9 = Concept Check: Ecosystems (Science)
  • October 10 = SWYK: Order of Operations (Math)
  • October 11 = PD Day (no classes)
  • October 14 = Thanksgiving Monday (no classes)
  • October 15-17 = Immunizations
  • October 17 = Early Dismissal (1:20 pm)
  • October 23 = Photo Retake Day
  • November 1 = Progress Reports Distributed


Students will be writing a SWYK (assessment) this Wednesday on Powers and Roots. This covers the content for Goal #3 and #4 in the student workspace. We will be reviewing these concepts a final time during class on Tuesday. On Thursday, we will be launching into our final topic in the first unit: Order of Operations.

Today, students started their third 100WC post using the prompt “…it looked just like a glass of water…”. They will have until Friday to publish their post on KidBlog. Parents are encouraged to go and check out their child’s post for the past 100WC and leave a comment. 

This week is the launch of the GRA. For those that have never heard of it, the GRA (or Global Read Aloud) is an international project that began in 2010. Classes from around the world read the same book using the same timelines and connect to share their thoughts and ideas related to the book. Our class will be reading “The Bridge Home” (by Padma Venkatraman) and are hoping to connect with a grade 8 class from Brazil. We will be introducing ourselves on FlipGrid tomorrow and completing a few pre-reading discussions. This week, we will read chapters 1-7. Here is a summary of the book (from Penguin Random House):

On Wednesday, students groups will be designing experiments to test the effect of one variable (amount of Sunlight, water, contamination, etc…) on mold growth. Students will be creating the question, hypothesis, and defining the variables they will be using (as well as completing their tests). We will be tracking the mold growth over the next month to measure the effect of their variable.

We are also getting close to our first concept check in science. Tentatively the date for this assessment is Wednesday, October 9. There will be more information to follow.


For school-wide announcements (including information regarding the Yearbook), check out the Trinity weekly newsletter HERE.

What’s up this Week (September 23-27)

We are coming to an end of our first month already (yikes, time is flying)! This Friday is the Grade 7 Welcome Wagon Day and I’m banking on 7-11 to take home the trophy!

Today, the Terry Fox forms have been sent home and students are encouraged to start collecting pledges. Ask your child some of the incentives that Mr. Ferguson has put forth!

Here are a list of some upcoming events and deadlines:

  • September 25 = Check In: Squares and Roots (math)
  • September 26 = Check In: Ecology Terminology (science)
  • September 27 = Final Copy of Recount DUE (English)
  • September 27 = Grade 7 Welcome Wagon Day
  • September 30 = Orange Shirt Day
  • October 4 = Terry Fox Run
  • October 11 = PD Day (no classes)
  • October 14 = Thanksgiving Monday (no classes)


The SWYK that students wrote last week has been marked and distributed to those students who were in class on Friday. I have also shared the online assessment tracker with students and parents so they can track the progress in math throughout the year. Please make sure to read THIS POST for more information and check out THIS VIDEO for more information on the assessment tracker, filing for reassessments, and how these tools can be used to maximize math understanding.

This week, we will be moving onto the third and fourth concepts under Goal #1, namely squares and roots and exponential notation. Students who are looking for clarification for what we did in class or who were absent are encouraged to check out the resources listed under Stage #3 in the student workspace.

Today, we discussed the difference between a “telling” sentence and a “showing” sentence. “Telling” sentences tell the reader what is happening – they are passive (and boring).

EXAMPLE: The wind was cold.

A “show” sentence, describes what is happening and includes details related to the characters’ reactions, feelings, and emotions.

EXAMPLE: The icy wind whipped across my skin, making goose bumps appear.

Students were to return to their 100WC posts and their recounts that they completed last week, and improve them by changing any “telling” sentences to “showing” sentences.

This week, we will continue to revise our recounts through peer editing and additional mini-lessons. The final draft of the recount (to be evaluated) is due at the end of the day on Friday. Parents are encouraged to read their child’s recount and have their child point out which sentences they fixed up.

We will also be providing feedback comments on the 100WC posts.


We will continue to discuss community and being good neighbours both on and offline. The focus of this week’s discussion is on our digital footprint. Is our online reputation/footprint a positive or negative one? We will also be finalize the details surrounding our first social justice project: Sandwiches for Shepherds.


This week, we will be continue to discuss abiotic and biotic factors in ecosystems as well as the hierarchy of how ecosystems are organized. On Wednesday, we will be completing a lab entitled “Is Yeast Alive?” as well as starting our bread mold labs. Finally, on Thursday, students will be completing a short check in on the terminology covered so far. Students should be well versed in the concepts listed under Goal #1 in the student workspace.

For school-wide announcements, check out the Trinity weekly newsletter HERE.

Math Assessment FAQ

What is competency-based assessment?

In our math class, we are adopting a competency/skill based approach. In this approach we have divided each curricular strand into a series of goals and related skills. As we progress through the material, students will be assessed on their ability to demonstrate the math concept or skill. For some students, they may only reach competency after the formal unit has been completed… and that’s okay! Just like learning to walk, different kids learn at different times. For more information on this philosophy, please read my “Math Assessment Philosophy” page HERE.

What homework will be assigned and is homework assessed?

There will be three types of math homework:

To Finish Work that they already started in class (this will usually be in the form of a paper-and-pencil worksheet) – for each of these tasks, either a picture or video of the answers will be posted on the class twitter feed. Students are expected to complete the work, then check their answers online. I will NOT be collecting this type of homework but rather taking up any question that students still do not understand after looking at the answer key.

To Complete Weekly “Mathspace” tasks. Each week I will post 1-2 tasks on Mathspace. The topics of these tasks will pertain to the topics we will be covering during the week. Students will be responsible for completing these tasks at some point throughout the week. I am able to view who completed the tasks, which questions required hints and videos, and the total amount of questions completed correctly.

To Work on a Previously Assessed Topic. At any time throughout the term, students are encouraged to review their online assessment tracker and identify those areas with which they demonstrated an understand of “Not Yet”, “Getting There” or “Has It” on a summative task (SWYK or project). If students would like to improve their grade, they must attend extra help sessions, complete some extra practice at home, try some online resources from Mathspace or the class website and/or work with a parent or tutor and then submit a request for reassessment.

Homework will not be formally assessed; however, the homework is important practice which will help students to reinforce the concepts in class. Students not completing homework will get “fined” (see the class economic program for details) and homework completion will make up a portion of the “responsibility” learning skill on the report card.

How do I use/navigate the online assessment tracker?

An online assessment tracker has been shared with each student (and his/her parents). This tool will be tracking the achievement of the student in each competency throughout the year. Check out the video below for more information:

I’m still confused about how to book a re-assessment?

Not all students will fully understand a concept by time the summative assessment rolls around. Saying that, I am a big believer in giving students additional time and resources in order to develop a solid understanding.

If a student has an assessment of “not yet”, “getting there” or “has it” on a particular competency, they are encouraged to continue to seek help on that topic (even if it is no longer our focus in class). They can use the resources in the student workspace, come for extra help at lunch, and use the MathSpace e-textbook to clarify their understanding.

When they believe they are ready to be re-assessed on the topic, they can submit a re-assessment request form. Once the form is submitted, the student must then come to room N205 (our classroom) at the beginning of lunch on the following Thursday. Failure to show up to this re-assessment day will result in their request being cancelled.

I was away on a test day, what happens now?

If you miss a test day, I will try my best to have to write it during class on the day you return to class. If time is not available for this to happen, all missed tests are written at lunch on Thursday in room N205 (as per the “Missed Test” policy outlined HERE).

I can’t get my assignment done on time, what do I do?

If an assignment is due and you will not be able to complete it on time, email your teacher and let them know as soon as possible. Let them know why it won’t be done and a date in which it will be completed.

If you do not email your teacher then the steps outlined on the policy document for missed assignments will be followed. Read the whole policy HERE.

What’s up this Week (September 16-20)

This past week, student completed their first assessment in math, created three writing posts, started into novels for independent reading, discussed what it means to be good citizen, and submitted their first formal lab report. There are a few students who have not yet completed the two mathspace tasks yet, so this will be assigned for them this weekend.

I enjoyed chatting with those parents that we able to make it to the Meet the Teacher night last Thursday. For those that couldn’t make it, please find a copy of my presentation HERE.

There are LOTS of important dates coming up including:

  • September 19 = SWYK: Multiples and Factors (Math)
  • September 19 = School Photo Day
  • September 20 = 100WC#2 Post DUE (English)
  • September 20 = Recount Draft DUE (English)
  • September 20 = Hangout with Dr. Jennifer Lavers (Science)
  • September 27 = Grade 7 Welcome Wagon Day
  • September 30 = Orange Shirt Day
  • October 4 = Terry Fox Run
  • October 11 = PD Day (no classes)
  • October 14 = Thanksgiving Monday (no classes)


This week, we will be continue to work with multiples, factors and divisibility rules in preparation for our first summative assessment. We will also be discussion prime and composite numbers. The SWYK (Show What You Know) on Multiples and Factors will be on Thursday. Students looking to review these concepts are encouraged to check out the links in Stage #1 and Stage #2 of the student workspace. They should also ensure that they have completed the three tasks in MathSpace.


Thanks in advance to those parents who made accounts and visited our KidBlog portfolios. It is great to see the feedback! I sent an email last week to parents with instructions on how to access the portfolio (if you did not receive the email, please reach out).

This week, our focus will be on recount writing. Through the use of organizers and mini-lessons, students should have completed a short recount by the end of the week. Inspired by the podcast The Moth, students will be honing their story-telling skills as they prepare to tell their recounts to each other (next week).

We will also be launching another 100WC which will be available online by the end of the week (and of course continue to read, read, read!)


As we further our discussions about being good digital Samaritans, this week’s focus turns to posting videos and images of others. In what case is it okay? When is it not okay? We will also be determining which social justice projects we plan to start implementing.


This is a busy week for science as we will be starting our first unit (Interactions within Ecosystems) and preparing for our Google Hangout with Dr. Jennifer Lavers on Friday. We will be discussing concepts and terminology related to ecosystems and the requirements for these ecosystems to be healthy and balanced. Students are encouraged to check out Goal #1 of the student workspace for the unit to find online resources, links to the textbook and online simulations and games.

For school-wide announcements, check out the Trinity weekly newsletter HERE.

What’s up this Week (Sept 9-15)

I hope everyone had a restful weekend after our first week back to school. After meeting all of my students, I am so excited to spend the year learning with them.

Every week, I will be posting a “What’s up this week” post which will outline the academic topics we plan to cover and any special dates (tests, deadlines).

The most important “school event” this week is Meet the Teacher which will be held on Thursday, September 13 from 5:30-7:00 pm. There will be a schedule released shortly (I will share it out as soon as it is posted) which outlines the rooms and times that you will be able to find each teacher.

Here are some other upcoming dates:

  • September 9 = Check In: Multiples and LCM (math)
  • September 11 = 100WC Post DUE (english)
  • September 12 = Meet the Teacher (5:30-7:00 pm)
  • September 12 = Paper Towel Lab DUE (science)
  • September 19 = School Photo Day
  • September 27 = Grade 7 Welcome Wagon Day
  • September 30 = Orange Shirt Day
  • October 4 = Terry Fox Run
  • October 11 = PD Day (no classes)
  • October 14 = Thanksgiving Monday (no classes)


Last week, we began began our first unit: Number Theory. Last week our focus was on multiples and LCM (lowest common multiple). Students began (and have been asked to complete at home) a worksheet on these topics (several students actually completed this in class on Friday). Students who have misplaced their copy can download a new one HERE. If students have any problems with the homework (or want some reinforcement), they are encouraged to check out the video answer key below:

Students looking for some additional resources on these topics are encouraged to check out the following online resources in Stage #1 of their student workspace (students will need to log in using their school email accounts in order to access the content).

On Monday, students will be writing a short “Check In” assessment on multiples and LCM.

For the remainder of the week, we will be exploring divisibility and factors (resources for these topics will also be added to Stage #2 of the student workspace).


Our focus in religion for September is community and belonging. On Monday, students will begin their class jobs and start earning a salary (and paying rent) in our class community. We will also be using a parable of the Good Samaritan and linking this story to our own experiences, especially those online. We will be discusses ways in which we can stand up for each other in both online and offline environments.


Last week, students got their KidBlogs up and running with a “Welcome Post” as well as their first “Awesome” post. The technique of “exploding the moment” was also introduced in our first writers’ workshop (parents, ask your child what “exploding the moment” means).

This week, we will be continuing with two writing projects (outlined below). Both of these projects will continue throughout the year.

The Awesome Project

This year we are focusing on appreciating the smaller things in life. The “Book of Awesome” is a book that celebrates those everyday occurrences that make us smile. Whether it is a high-five, a snow day, or the other side of the pillow, there are certain things that just make us say “awesome”. In our awesome project, students will be asked to post periodically (1-2 times per month) about something they consider an everyday awesome. Each post should identify the “awesome” thing and include a short anecdote (a short and amusing or interesting story) explaining why it is awesome.

The 100 Word Challenge

In order to get kids writing on a consistent basis, I am introducing the 100 word challenge (100WC). Every two weeks a new writing prompt will be introduced and students will be asked to write 100 words based on the prompt. We will start this Monday!

Also this week, as we connect to our discussions in religion, we will start commenting on each others’ posts by providing thoughtful feedback which drives productive online conversations.

This week, we will continue our discussions about the scientific method and experimentation. Student groups will be designing their own tests for an inquiry entitled “Which Paper Towel is the Best Value”. Students will have to decide what “value” means and then design experiments to test the strength and absorbency of four different brands of paper towel. This is a student-led activity, so students will be responsible for designing and implementing the tests as well as analysing their results.

Sports and Clubs

Drama Club

7&8 Drama Club Information Meeting will be during lunch on Wednesday, September 11 in N213.  Bring your lunch and your questions and learn how you can be involved onstage and behind the scenes!

7/8 Athletics

Many 7/8 Sports teams are beginning next week (Sept. 9-13): Golf, Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer, Co-ed Ultimate, Girls Flag Rugby, Boys Flag Rugby, and Cross Country Running. All of these sports will have 1-2 tryouts, a few practices, and culminate with a 1 day tournament away from school. Please listen to the morning announcements AND check the 7/8 tryout board in Tornado Alley for details.

Cross Country Running

Grade 7 & 8 Cross Country Running starts next week (the week of Sept. 9-13).  There will be an information session Monday at lunch in Room 312. Bring your lunch.  First practise will be Wednesday after school from 2:30-3:15 p.m. Please arrange transportation home.


For school-wide announcements, check out the Trinity weekly newsletter HERE.

Have a wonderful week and I hope to see you this Thursday at Meet the Teacher!

What’s up this Week (Sept 3 to Sept 6)

Welcome to the first week of Grade 7 at Holy Trinity! I am so excited to start learning together.

If you missed the information about the first day including the materials students need, check out this post.

This week we will be welcoming Mr. Will O’Neill, who is a student-teacher from Nipissing University. Mr. O’Neill will be helping in our classroom periodically throughout the year.

As an aid to students and parents, this class blog has been created. The blog will chronicle our learning throughout the year. I hope to share pictures, videos, and information to help keep parents in the loop about what is happening in our class. This blog can also be used by parents to help their child with time management and assignment completion as well as providing links to extra practice.

As Holy Trinity is striving to reduce its paper usage, I will not be sending monthly newsletters home but rather will be posting announcements online. Upcoming school and class events will be posted on the calendar and more detailed weekly school announcements can be found by clicking on the “Weekly Announcements” pic on the sidebar.

I will also be sending out weekly “What’s up this week” emails each weekend so that you can get a sense of what is coming up in the following week. For those who have twitter, you can follow our class twitter account for more daily pics and posts from our class and the school.


  • September 12 = Meet the Teacher Night
  • September 19 = School Picture Day
  • September 27 = Grade 7 Welcome Wagon Day
  • September 30 = Orange Shirt Day
  • October 4 = Terry Fox Run and BBQ
  • October 11 = PD Day (no classes)
  • October 14 = Thanksgiving Monday (no school)
  • October 23 = Photo Retake Day
  • November 1 = Progress Reports distributed

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email me. I look forward to meeting all of the students and parents as we begin our year.

Ian Fischer

First Day Information

The first day of school is only 5 days away and I couldn’t be more excited to hit the ground running with this amazing bunch of students. It was wonderful to meet so many of you at Wednesday’s orientation and BBQ.

Thank you to everyone who has filled out the online questionnaire. The feedback is so helpful and I appreciate the time you took to complete it. For those parents who have not yet had a chance, please take a moment to provide some insight into your child:


Since I am asking for a little information about you, I figured it is only fair that I share some info about me. Click HERE to read some more about Mr. Fischer.

First Day Info

On the first day, ALL grade 7 students are to report to the cafeteria gym by 8 am. Our homeroom is 7-11 and Mr. Ferguson and I will be sharing the homeroom duties. Every day will start with phys ed with Mr. Ferguson – a great way to help you wake up! On that first day, just bring everything (lunch, backpack, etc…) to the gym until all the classes get sorted. It will most likely take most of period 1 to get organized. Following that, you will join me in our classroom where agendas, schedules and other forms will be distributed and lockers will be assigned.

What do you need:

  • pencil case
  • calculator
  • pencils
  • a couple of pens
  • a lock (make sure you practice!)
  • your lunch
  • a refillable water bottle

In terms of technology, a Chromebook is a helpful tool to have. Our class has 12 and we can always borrow additional ones if needed. Don’t feel as though you have to run out and buy a Chromebook before Tuesday! As for cell phones, they will remain in student lockers and will not be coming into the classrooms unless otherwise directed by the teacher.

Class Economics

To help our classroom run smoothly, everyone needs to help out. With the goal to promote financial literacy and responsibility, students are required to apply for jobs in order to earn a salary. Students must earn money in order to pay for their desk as well as any other fines that they may incur throughout the year. Bonus opportunities will also be made available to students in order to help supplement their income. Students are encouraged to save their money in order to purchase property (condos), purchase and rent supplies, and to participate in auctions and other activities. The first contract period is for September and October. Will we be discussing this program more in class and students will be applying for jobs this week.

For a complete outline of the economics program including a list of available job, click HERE.

Other School Policies

We have recently revised the school code of conduct as well as our assessment and technology policies. Although students will be receiving a paper copy of the policies on Tuesday, it is worthwhile to familiarize yourself with these documents.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me. I hope that everyone has a wonderful long weekend and I’ll see you bright and early next Tuesday!

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